Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wheeled Sword Movie Premiere May 26th at Kincora Pub

Yeah the Seattle skate scene is out to Represent the creative side of things with this combo Artshow and Video premier. Art by Quincy Quigg, Mike Medeau, Lars Bergquist, NEWO, Angela Dawn, 2H, Sean Bishop, Cindy Apple, and Rob Ackerman. The Video is all about the NW bounty with footage of the last 7 days at the Ballard Bowl, a bit of convo with Pat Quarke and Peha. Footie from Sea Sk8, Bainbridge, Carnation, all that Oregon Ish, plus a ton more other spots. This is sure to be fun since it is at the Kincora < i get stupid the moment I step inside>. Corner of Belmont and Pine, May 26 at 9pm. Enjoy


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