Friday, June 17, 2005

Seattle Books to Prisoners Fundraiser

"Seattle Books to Prisoners are planning the auction for spring/summer 2005 (no venue or date selected yet). This will be our big 'main' fundraiser for the year so we hope to have plenty on display, and invite lots of people/buyers. In terms of what kind of artworks we're looking for, pretty much anything that is 'saleable' (whatever that means) - paintings, prints, cartoons, whatever. They don't have to have any specific connection to prisons, prisoners, or books. If the
donating artist can include a brief bio (including shows they have been exhibited in, or where ther work has been published?), description of the work and any other pertinent info that would be good (perhaps a suggested minimum donation?).

The artist would be donating the work no-strings-attached, with the only recompense being a warm feeling from doing some good (and perhaps a t-shirt if they'd like one). We are an all-volunteer organisation whose income comes primarily from individual donations and benefit events, and that we have been supported in the past by Denise Levertov, Sherman Alexie, Noam Chomsky, and R.E.M."

For more info, email Andy


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