Monday, October 10, 2005


Cut Kulture United
The cast of characters

I love October. It always seems the Art community really comes alive in the Fall. This past weekend was full of madness starting thursday for, of course, First Thursday. I checked out the fresh Stencil show at Vain featuring work by NEWO and Free Kindred. I then made my way down to Howard House to check out the porcelains by Yuki Nakamura. I felt like a brute when I saw her work, so fragile as they say in Italy. I ended the night at the Studio 562 for an Indy design T-shirt Bazarre with representation by Manik, Kenichi Yamaguchi, and my personal favorite local tshirt madman, D4 who, you may remember I did a lil interview with a while back as a member of local tshirt consortium "The Yard". This was good bit of fun and if i get word about the next one I will definately spread it. Friday I made it up to the U.D. to peep the Sole/Boohi show at Moksha. I particularly was coveting this woodburned etching by Boohi, it's Hottt!!! After that I made my way to the Farewell Seattle show for JILF at IKON Ink. JILF is an artist that has unfortunately not shown up in the 'Stash before but definately had my head reeling this night. Of course He is splitting out to Minneapolis to explore the gallery scene in the Midwest and strike it rich. This show was just a way for him to liquidate some work before the move. He told me that what does not sell will stay at Ikon and remain for sale.If you are interested in any of his work please contact Ikon Ink for an appointment. Saturday I thought I would rest but ended up spinning records all night at Trinity.


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