Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yumiko Kayukawa, Moira Hahn at Roq La Rue Nov.11th

Roq La Rue is pleased to present two artists who both create a fusion of both western and Asian pop and classical influences in their work
Yumiko Kayukawa
“Beast From The East”
new paintings
Moira Hahn
“Sunset Serenade”
new paintings

Opening Friday November 11th 6-10pm
with live music by the Buttersprites
runs through December 3rd
2312 2nd Ave(between Battery and Bell)

Cut Kulture United

Yumiko Kayukawa was born in the small town of Naie in Hokkaido, Japan.(She now resides in Seattle.) The panoramic beauty of her surroundings and feelings of communication with the native animals inspired her to paint the things around her. As a teenager she also fell in love "with the energy and giddiness" of American pop-culture through her exposure to rock n' roll, film, and fashion. By the age of 16, she had debuted into the art world with a comic-book (Manga) feature.

Cut Kulture United

Moira Hahn lives and teaches in Los Angeles. For this show, a body of work emerged from Hahn’s observation of the natural world, particularly the behavior of birds in her backyard and a host of feral cats that lurk nearby. Hahn’s study of nineteenth century Japanese ukiyo-e masters Kunisada (Toyokuni), Kuniyoshi, and Zeshin inspired her to create scenes in which the birds attempt to level the playing field. In “Revenge of the Tori”, for example, an atelier of vigilant birds print “Wanted” posters of neighborhood cats. Her use of watercolor, a traditionally difficult medium, is flawless and captures the tone of early Ukiyo-e paintings juxtaposed with subtle modern references. In addition, Moira will be showing paintings from a series of work explores that her interest in the long term ubiquity of anime and manga in Japan and the US, and inspired her to replace deities in swirling hypnotic scenes of other dimensions with cartoon icons such as Doraemon and Atom Boy, from Japanese cartoons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the artwork of Ms. Hahn! Carl the cat feeder..Atlantic City...Go to Google Search Type in: /boardwalkcats/ Then click on: I'm Feeling Lucky To read about us...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

moira's blog:

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Blogger Jonah Dempcy said...

here's another Japanese artist living in Seattle:

Yuriko Miyamoto / ysquare

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