Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Urban film series at BLVD Gallery

BLVD Gallery presents
UniPlex 1
A Urban Art Film Series
featuring “Quality of Life”, “Barnstormers 360”, and “Fish Tales”
September 29, 2006 Doors open at 7pm
Suggested Donation $5
BLVD Gallery 2316 2nd ave Seattle Wa 98121

BLVD Gallery is proud to announce the “UniPlex Film Series”, an evening of films by, about, and featuring the best of the Urban Contemporary art movement. Uniplex is an effort to bring a greater understanding to the general public of what has become the most influential global art movement of the 21st century, Urban/Street art . The first installment in the series features two short films, Fish Tales and Barnstormers 360, and the feature film Quality of Life.
About the films:

“Quality of Life (2005)” by Benjamin Morgan; starring Brian Burnam and Lane Garrison

Meet Michael "Heir" Rosario and Curtis "Vain" Smith, the most prolific and talented graffiti writers from the Mission District in San Francisco. At age ten, in a desperate search for fame and identity, the young friends began writing their names on surrounding urban landscapes. More than a decade later, the duo have evolved into a brilliant team of street artists. The two have covertly decorated the canvases of concrete and steel throughout the Bay Area. However, when Heir and Vain are arrested for painting, their secret identities are revealed and creative outlets are abruptly severed.

“Barnstormers 360 (2006)” by The Barnstormers

Filmed in 2004 in Cameron, NC and the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, NC, this 30-minute DVD captures the Barnstormers’ disassembly of a 1930’s era 16 x 16 x 23 foot tobacco barn, its reassembly in the museum, the painting of over twenty murals on its side, and its eventual reconstruction in Cameron.
Artists include David Ellis, Mike Houston,. Martin Mazorra, Chuck Webster, Kami, Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Sasu, West One, Jose Parla, and many others.
Out of the seven time-lapse films the Barnstormers have done, this represents the most ambitious effort to date, combining carpentry and painting, both indoors and outdoors.
With a soundtrack performed by the Barnstormers and special guests

“Fish Tales (2006)” by Eric Noren, Jeremy Fish

A tale of epic proportions about an infamous Urban Fisherman scouring the
streets of San Francisco for his fabled dream catch, “The one that got
away”. Come with us on a journey that turns the city upside-down to find
the world’s first skateable fish.
Skateable fish? Yeah that’s right! Can you actually bomb hills on a fish?
Can a nollie nose-manual at 3rd and Army actually be done with rubber
pants? If you switch back-tail a ledge, do you need to ride the board
backwards because fish lips are too slippery? Will any other skate super
heroes be encountered? Sit back and enjoy.
Directed by independent film maker Eric Noren and scored to an original
song by Aesop Rock, “Fishtales” is the brainchild of Jeremy Fish and
was created to accompany a board series that he made for Element


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