Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gonz at MHI

Mark Gonzalez is quite possibly the greatest street skater ever. He is also one of the most creative persons alive.
he has a show at DPMHI in london right now and here is a cool video of it.


Blogger harold hollingsworth said...

I was fortunate long ago, back when I skated, to skate with Mark in Oregon, so far back, that it was when he rode for Vision, and Neil Blender was riding for G&S, and Gator was an innocent long haired vertical master. It was an absolute brilliant experience, he literally is somewhere else in the universe, and his sentences that day were on the same pattern as the sentences that one hears in the video clip. Only back then, he'd reel off one gigantic ollie to nose slide up a curb, and various hard to describe tricks. He and Neil Blender were so fun to skate with, absolute originals...

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