Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Homeward Bound.....

I was in Albuquerque last week, it was a strange homecoming. My Grandmother died after a lengthy battle with cancer......

Ruth Martinez, 1946
I had lost my grandfather when I was very young and My great grandmother when I was very 19 y.o. without a clue. But i had yet to experience the true pain of loss before this family tragedy. I feel that the world has changed and nothing will ever be the same. There is a bittersweet thing about death is that you finally get family to stop and realize they are family. I saw cousins who i had not seen in 15 years. i also went to a couple of b-ball games my cousin jon played in. He goes to Albuquerque Academy and they played a game at my old high school West Mesa. I could not pass that up.

It was fun to run around the ol' alma mater. The place has not changed all that much. The game was fun but i think that due to the fact that all of the west mesa freshman squad were 10 years past puberty academy was punished. My Aunt doesn't think the academy coach knows how to sub players.
I ate some great food but did not shoot flix of it. Didn't even think about doin it. honest. i swear.
If you are in 'buerque stop in at El Charritos on central and 47th. Best damn food i've had in a while.
I had heard that there was an amazing art show at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. It was posters culled from the Sam L. Slick Collection of Latin American and Iberian Posters. I couldn't get any flix but those links should have plenty. there was also a piece by one of my favorite artists, Chaz Bojorquez.

image: Senor Suerte by chaz bojorquez


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sorry homes.
my best.

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