Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10 Questions with Free Kindred

So I am starting a new feature here in the Art Stash called 10 Questions. We are going to ask artists we feel folks need to know a bit about some questions about thier work and maybe give people an idea of who they are. The first installment is with Stencil artist FREE KINDRED. Enjoy

10 Questions with Free Kindred

1.How did the name Free Kindred come about?

Unfortunate struggles to create and in case I ever get into trouble.

2.How long have you been in Seattle, where did you come from?

From So. Cal to Central Florida, I've been here almost three years.
Seattle has been my favorite by far.

Cut Kulture United

3.Stencil is an increasingly popular medium. How long have you been
cutting,How did you get introduced to it?

I really feel like I didn't have a choice. Coming from a design
background I always had deep apperciation for Vector based
art and stenciling was a smooth transition. Although I have only done
cutting for about a year I feel like I have been laying out pieces
forever. Stenciling pushes me off the computer.

4.What are your inspirations when you work?

Heavy daydreaming and long albums.

Cut Kulture United

5.Do you strictly work in stencils?

As of right now I'm only stenciling. It's all I want to do.

6.Do you do work in the streets? If so where?

A little, but now that spring is here... Hey Freemont.

7.Who is your favorite local artist?

That's a tough question...

Cut Kulture United

8.what type of paint do you use? favorite brand?

I don't have a favorite brand. I may have used every brand available
retail. Online bulk is making a lot of sense though.

9.Do you have any upcoming shows?

August at Vain Salon Gallery

Cut Kulture United

10. Shout outs???

First shout that comes to mind is the ART STASH

Thanks To Free Kindred for being the first in this lil thing and If you have a suggestion for the 10 Questions lemme know


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