Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bumbershoot Visual Arts recap

Last week I did manage to get to the Preview for the Bumbershoot Arts program. It was aiight, there were a few things I really liked and some I did not like very much, and a bit to which I had absolutely no feelings for. The exhibits I liked were the "Outside In" show, which dealt with Art, Technology, and the environment. My personal favorite piece of the whole festival was by Eric McNeill, who made a low res abstracted video of a crowd assembling and dispersing using LEDs projecting on a wall. The "In Resonance" sound art show was excellant as well. A couple Favorites from this show were Jesse Paul Millers records made from resin with all kinds of flotsam mixed in it, and Thurston Moores comedic video piece with his "Noise Bag". I was pretty disappointed with the Rock poster show, nothing actually stood out. Everything else was pretty typical "conceptual" crap.

Cut Kulture United
Eric McNeill

Cut Kulture United
Jesse Paul Miller

Cut Kulture United
Thurston Moore


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