Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Special opening at Roq La Rue

So, as has been stated in the 'Stash before Roq La Rue is moving to a far more exotic and exciting locale, right next door to their current location. Well, this Friday Kirsten and the gang are having a grand opening celebration and annual Halloween show. Here's the skinny:

Roq La Rue Gallery
“Bad Moon Rising”
a Halloween themed group show

opening Friday Oct 14th 6-10pm
at 2312 2nd Ave (right next door to the old space)

Artists: Ojimbo, Jim Blanchard, Lisa Petrucci, Pooch, Mike Leavitt,
Mike Curato, James McLeod, Travis Louie, Ryan Bubnis, Joshua Petker,
Brian Despain, Anthony Ausgang, Johnny Crap, Nicole Steen, Yo Ueno, Joe
Vollan, Amanda Wachob, Jason D’Aquino, David Rauschenberg, Chuck
Demorat, Justin Hampton, Quintin Gonzales, Marion Peck, Luke Chueh,
Marion Peck

We are thrilled that our inaugural show in our fancy new space will be
our annual Halloween themed exhibit, this year’s “Bad Moon Rising”
show. We will be exhibiting work by artists from all over the country
as well as overseas. The work, while dealing with dark themes, ranges
wildly from the dark, futuristic digital portraits by Quintin Gonzales
to the more playful cartoony paintings of Pooch. We are excited by the
return of gallery artists such as Lisa Petrucci, Jim Blanchard, and
Mike Leavitt as well as works by new artists to the gallery such as
tattooist and painter James McLeod, Japanese Pop Surrealist Yo Ueno,
and Lowbrow wood carver Ojimbo.

For the opening we will also have hearses from Rain City Hearse Club,
monster film clips courtesy Something Weird Video, refreshing liquids
and hideous candy, and live goth swamp-garage rock by ROT13!


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