Monday, November 14, 2005

Get Knuck if ya Buck

This past weekend had a touch of greatness to it starting on Thursday when i made my way to Maharaja, an Indian Restaurant with a fantastic "Dive" lounge to peep the new work by Jesse Edwards. Though the lighting was a bit too Moody to take flix of the art I caught a hot one of the man himself.
Cut Kulture United
El Guapo, or Damn this guy is crazy. Jesse Edwards, Kid!

Friday was wet. I made a trip with the family down to Fed Way for a bit of Big Box discount shopping and some of the best Bulgogi this side of Pyongyang. Mi Rak Baby....After I actually made it back to the city I headed to Roq La Rue to check out the Kayukawa/ Hahn show. This is an absolute must see, probably the best show happening in the city at the moment. Lucky for you I managed to catch a couple flicks of the action, here is one of the frenzy next to Yumiko Kayukawa's work-
Cut Kulture United
I also had the pleasure to talk to Moira Hahn, an incredibly nice person who's work knocked my socks off. She sold most of her work before the show even opened and then agreed to pose for a flick for the 'Stash. word!
Cut Kulture United
I really enjoyed the art I saw this weekend and again feel real good about whats going down in the 206.


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