Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Big Party at Roq la Rue Friday!

Roq La Rue Holiday Party and Benefit For Bamboo
December 16th  6-9pm
a one night only art show
with ALL proceeds
going to NARN's Free Bamboo Campaign

With works by:
Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Todd Schorr, Kathy Schorr, Alex Gross, Scott Musgrove, Pooch, Joshua Petker, Andrew Brandou, Ryan Heshka, Joe Vollan, Yumiko Kayukawa, Krystof Nemeth, Jessica McCourt, Derek Nobbs, Rik Garrett, Kipling West, Travis Louie and
Roq la Rue is throwing a holiday party and hosting a special ONE NIGHT ONLY art show with ALL proceeds going to the Northwest Animal Rights Network fund for Bamboo the elephant. Bamboo, a resident of Woodland Park Zoo for 37 years, began to exhibit aggressive and neurotic behavior. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee offered to take Bamboo and offer her a better life, on their own dime, but the Woodland Park Zoo decided to send her to Point Defiance Zoo instead (where she continues her neurotic pacing and head-shaking). This is an injustice and smacks of politics rather than true concern for this majestic creature's health and well being. We feel if more people were aware of the situation we could get Bamboo moved to the Sanctuary where she'd be loved and taken care of, with thousands of acres to roam instead of the one acre she has now. All funds raised will be used to raise awareness about Bamboo's welfare in our community.
Roq La Rue is at
2312 2nd Ave
(Between Battery and Bell)
(206) 374-8977


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