Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Roq La Rue opening Friday

Roq la Rue Gallery
Oksana Badrak
Miles Thompson

Opening Friday Dec 9th 6-10pm

Roq La Rue is pleased to present the works of two artist who are making big ripples in the Pop Surrealism pond, Oksana Badrak and Miles Thompson.

Russian born Oksana Badrak’s work is highlighted by an enigmatic perfection. With its dreamy surrealism and incredible detail, Oksana Badrak's work exists in a dimension of her own. It presents a fantastical visual experience made up of graphic fiction and tightly rendered reality. Inspired by a range of experiences from an Asian supermarket to the Southern California desert, her work creates a beckoning landscape…a place where pop-culture icons and images from an organic world seemingly get along together, though the space between them is filled with friction. Combining disparate elements in her work, both in use of imagery (such as wildlife and Victorian parlors) as well as technique (painted elements on digital work) Oksana has attracted attention from both the graphic art scene as well as admiration from high art academia.
Miles Thompson (Los Angeles) creates idealistic worlds reminiscent of the 50’s –60’s quest for exotica (such as the emergence of tiki bars) as well as the general public’s fascination with the bohemian world of jazz and beatniks. His work is evocative of artists such as Jim Flora, yet have an added modern lo fi pop quirkiness. His new series is focusing on the idea of the Calendar Girl pin up- still prevalent in our culture today. Miles’ retro environments create scenes that are technically exciting to look at as well as shamelessly fun.


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