Monday, January 16, 2006

Myspace news report

All points bulletin in from Jonny Cupcakes :

johhny cupcakes!!!!

Urban Outfitters ripped off one of my shirts and is now selling it in some of their stores. They have a shirt with a jet dropping cupcakes(with a different color scheme),. Last year Urban wanted to carry my shirts & they had a few Johnny Cupcakes shirt samples I had sent them....the Jet dropping cupcakes being one of them. They never sent my samples back after I told them I didn't want to buisness with them

A friend of mine that works in an Urban Outfitters e-mailed me today, telling me that she thought they got Johnny Cupcakes shirts in.... except they had an "Urban Renewal" tag on the inside of em -which is Urban Outfitters notorious clothing line that rips off small, independant artists & designers from all around the world.

I am talking to a few lawyers next week to see if there's anything I can do. They may of changed the design around enough so that they can't get in trouble. Major bummer.

If you google "Urban Outfitters" and "Infringement" - you will find a couple hundred court cases about Urban Outfitters fucking over young/small designers & clothing lines. Urban outfitters makes 856 Miliion dollars a year. They put small shops out of business. They're the Wallmart/Hot Topic of clothing stores.

Below you will see the Red Jet t-shirt dropping cupcakes that I originally sent to them, as a sample, before I decided to keep my shirts out of Urban Outfitters. They KEPT my sample shirts, copied one of them so far, and is now mass producing them with their 'Urban Renewal' company name on the inside(the various webcam picas towards the bottom).

Cut Kulture United
These cupcakes will be the death of us all

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United
The urban outfitters copy

Cut Kulture United
The urban outfitters calling card of death


Anonymous FreeKindred said...

Your original looks way better too... F*ing lame. I'll be sure to pass on the info.

Good Luck

4:31 PM  
Anonymous gnarledbranches said...


I just wanted to say that I am all for independent artists and designers. I hate malls and mainstream stores.

I think it's bullshit that your design was pilfered and I wish you the best of luck in your lawsuit.

I visited your website and your shirts are phenomenal. I'm in love with them. Next paycheck, I'm buying as many as I can, actually. I'm in love with them all.

I'm going to spread the word about the evils of Urban Outfitters. I'll tell everyone I know- and everyone I don't! not to buy from them.

2:22 PM  

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