Thursday, January 05, 2006

Faesthetic 5 year issue out now

Cut Kulture United

Faesthetic 5 is available now.
Faesthetic's 5th anniversary issue is 174 pages of original black & white art, photography, graffiti and design. Offset printed on 70lb Luna Matte paper, perfect bound with a spot varnish on the cover. Only 1,000 copies are available, and each copy comes poly-bagged with a Quiet Life "Think Faest" button designed by Andy Mueller.

#5 features 80 artists! (in order of appearance):
Sara Hanken, Bwana Spoons, Tim Biskup, Ryan Burghard, Maureen Gubia, Gael Cecchin (YUCK), M-City, Larry Mayorga, Sean Donnola, Pablo Marques, Neuville, Mike Maxwell, eThos, Paul Schiek, EPHKA, Mike Giant & Mario Peralta, Jason Brunson, Lilly Piri, KAS, Siloette, Mark Sarmel, Guillaumit, Gregory Jacobsen, Gluekit, Dan James, Aaron Paula, Aaron Winters, Dutchpress, lmac, Koadzn, Drout750, Delta, Dave & Debbie Crosland, Thought Ninjas, Steven Harrington, Robert Hardgrave, Fourteen, Anne Michaux, EVIL, MAGMO, Chris Silva, James Paterson, Derrick Hodgson, Joshua Davis, Adam Garcia, Scott Rench, Prateā„¢ Computer Channel, BuffMonster, Ryan Santos, Shepard Fairey, Paul Clark, Joey Harrison, Jackson Hoose, Andreas Karaoulani, Jon Burgerman, Alexandre Braga, Martin Smith, DEVI, Anthony Sheret, Anthony Brennan, Aye Jay & B+, Alexis Mackenzie, Tommy Penton, Verbnine, BSHIT, Porus Walker, Alex Sacui, Funkfu, Britt Ehringer, Abe Atri, Teitsma, Phil Ashcroft, Neuarmy, Skullphone, Nanospore, Andy Rementer, Mark the Cobrasnake (featuring photos from the set of Kill Girl Kill), Fumi Nakamura, Mars-1 and Lee Misenheimer.
Cover by Smile Maker.


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