Friday, December 16, 2005

Red bull stole my month, and all I got was this nasty addiction

What up y'all
I am back in action , what with the Red Bull gig all done I can finally share some time with my most favorite art community this side of Lake Washington. The Acadmy, as we liked to call it, was amazing. Looking back on it there were so many great people running in and out of it as well as the cream of Seattle handling alot of the daily grind. Plus I had the great opportunity to work on the ArRange show at McCaw Hall. Meeting some musical gods is always fun, even when you have to deal with petty gripes from some sectors. I guess you can't please everybody. Special thanks go out to my man Sua who put me down with this gig and did an excellant job of co-curating what amounted to a pretty crazy show. Well here are the few flicks I caught around the academy and the ArRange show as well as some flicks of this damn invite Iosefatu Sua and I slaved over one night. Wheres my Money, Honey.
Cut Kulture United
Angry Woebots and Robert Hardgrave do it to the music all night long

Cut Kulture United
After this Sua is gonna go appear in the smash broadway musical "Newsies"

Cut Kulture United
Not 1, Not 2, but the Whole damn Crew. Artists in the House.
From L-R Darvin Vida, Angry Woebots, Iosefatu Sua, Mark Atlas, Robert Hardgrave, Tra Selhtrow, Damion Hayes , Missing is Jilf because he had to take a shit

Cut Kulture United
Thats alot of Tony Orlando and Dawn

Cut Kulture United
If you didn't make this then you probably made it to work monday


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You shoulda worked at Dunkin Donuts.

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