Monday, February 06, 2006

"Sweetest Taboo" at Roq La Rue 2/10

What up with this hot shot....
I am co-curating this show at Roq la Rue that opens friday

Roq La Rue Gallery 2312 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121 (206)374-8977
“Sweetest Taboo”
a group show of random naughtiness

opens Friday Feb 10th 6-10pm
runs through March 4th
musical guests “The Briefs”

"Sweetest Taboo" brings together some of the most exciting emerging artists from the Pop Surrealism and Urban Contemporary movements to express those things, (illicit or not) that society occasionally frowns on, but that always brings a smile to these artists faces. It could be a tough graffiti writers love for dolphins and rainbows, the pure joy of fresh wallride skuffs in no skate zones that fills a skateboarder’s heart, a painter’s fondness for disturbing genetic mutations, or simply a playfully naughty thing that one doesn't bring up in polite conversation.

Artists include:
Nhon Nguyen, George Estrada, Robert Hardgrave, Iosefatu Sua, Jilf, Jason Sho Green, Joshua Howard, Jesse Ledoux, Sam Sneke, Ray Noland, Kipling West, Chris Reccardi, Gabe Marquez, Amy Crehore, Mike Leavitt

Roq La Rue 2312 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121 (206)374-8977

Cut Kulture United
Amy Crehore

Cut Kulture United
nhon nguyen

Cut Kulture United
Chris Reccardi,

Cut Kulture United
Ray Noland


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