Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Get yo Krump on

I have been completely obsessed with the whole Krump dancing Phenomena for the past couple years and am absolutely freaking out about the new David Lachapelle movie Rize .

Cut Kulture United

If you do not know about Krumping its roots are based in C-Walkin' which is also known as Crip walking , kinda like a full body Gang sign. I guess in the early ninties some guy named Tommy the Clown cleaned it up for the kiddies and called it clown dancing so you wouldn't get killed doing it in the wrong 'hood. Theres a great video about all of this. Anyway I hope Rize makes it to Seattle.


Blogger kevlar said...

I caught these guys last year at a conference called TED. They were great, gave me goosebumps because they basically dance out the pain in their life. Not all of it is on beat, such as a hard life. Then the guy who does the voice of rodger rabbit jumped on stage and starting krumpin' with them. Very beautiful.

7:17 PM  
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Anonymous krazy g said...

krump is aight battle wit breake dancers 2 see wich iis better

8:46 AM  

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