Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ten Questions with Mary Long

When I first saw Mary Longs work at the "Good Girls Gone Bad Show" at Moksha I was struck by the absolute sense of joy that she puts in her work. You definately can't be morose when you paint poledancing bunnies. Her work has an energy that is definately fun loving and brings a positive view of sexuality. I am very pleased to get to know the talented Mary Long

Mary Long 10 Questions

1 How long have you been painting.
I've been into art since I can remember. I drew pictures on all my furniture
and walls as a child. As I got more passionate, I would teach myself from
books. In college, I studied tropical horticulture, but my painting has been
going strong four years now.

2 Are you from the Seattle area?
No. I've been living here since March 2002. I grew up in Hawaii on the
island of Oahu. My mom and family are all still there. She's from Korea.

Cut Kulture United

3 I really enjoyed the paintings you had at the Good Girls Gone Bad show at
Moksha, How did you get involved with that show.
Elvia. I heart Elvia.

4 You had a couple real cool sticker packs at that show, what
motivated you to make those?
One pack is my lapdance college series. That was my theme for the good
girls gone bad. Everyone's naughty some time or another right? So I had my
bunnies on poles, smoking when it's not allowed, and girls working their
bootay. My other pack is pastel porn from my antivalentines show. Those are
actually my first attempts at pastel.

Cut Kulture United

5 Your work has a cool naughty retro thing happening, or is that just me?
There's a lot of ways to describe it. I've gotten hello kitty on acid, edgy
innocence, playful, raw, sassy and sweet 16. I really enjoy the reaction
from my audience. Some get shy, others giggle, a few walk away aroused.

6 Have you ever had a pet rabbit?
Yes, more like several batches. I grew up with lots of pets. We had a pair
of rabbits who loved making babies. Their names were Tuffy and Fluffy. We
had 'em for years. They were like family.

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7 Have you ever been to the HideOut on Boren?
No, but I will check it out.

8 So what is this Monster gang your in?
Pocket Full of's Angry Woebot's evil doings. He's like the
godfather and we're his posse. I'm part of a duo....Aloha Terrorist. We bomb
you with love.

Cut Kulture United

9 What do you think of the term Urban Contemporary Art. Is it just a trap?
It sounds like homework. It's the new way to describe "hip, cool,
new" "urban streetwear." It's for fancy people.

10 Anything else you want to say?

Cut Kulture United


Blogger farmerbob said...

Where is Moksha? I love her work. I want to see it in person.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous miss mary said...

Moksha is on 4542 University Ave. Right next to Buffalo Exchange. Smack Dab in the Middle. It's an all womens show....growl!

9:23 PM  

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