Sunday, July 17, 2005

possibly 2 hours wasted everyday.

Sorry to be so scarce with the posts lately I have been working on my other site Cut Kulture. I should be finished with the completely new site in a few weeks but please check it out and let me kno what you think. in the meantime check out these links-

Here is a cool article about street art in Seattle in 2001.

I've seen Michael Defeo's work around. It's cool to see the scope of what he does.

If you have ever wondered about theMoscow Graffiti scene.

Chicago is no joke when it comes to jamming Ads

Moss Graffiti!!!??

oyayubizoku literally translated from japanese equates to ‘thumb-gang’ or ‘thumb-tribe’


Anonymous Paul said...

The site is looking highly fantastic. Hooray for Cut Kulture! And thanks for the Gibson essay tip. And: Keep posting dates for future silkscreen classes. I can already think of people who would want to go w/ some warning.

8:51 PM  

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