Friday, July 15, 2005

Silk Screen Classes

Hey all we are offering silkscreen classes starting on Saturday July 23
at 11am. A 3 day course in silkscreen printing for design professionals
that will give you the skills to create a low cost high quality print studio
in any location. You will learn how to translate your digital art into analogue
prints for paper or tshirts. At the end of this course you will have a finished
product. All this for $75

Cut Kulture United

The cost is $75 which includes 3 1hr instructional sessions,
Use of one silkscreen to coat and use, and use of all studio
equipment day of session. The student must provide all inks, and
materials to be printed(tshirts, paper, etc....) all inks must be
either Waterbased or Plastisol, NO TOXIC SMELLING INKS ALLOWED!!!!
If you desire to do a multicolor print you will need to provide
additional screens. We will have inks available for a $10
Lab fee.
Contact us if you have
any questions.
You WILL have a finished piece at the completion of this course.


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