Monday, June 27, 2005

Ouch My Head

I went to the artshow at Ouch My Eye studios this past saturday night.There definately was some good work up, unfortunately the batteries in my camera crapped out after I took three flix. Bad Blogger, Bad bad Blogger. I managed to have some fun especially after the host gave me a shot of Jim Beam to remedy my disappointment. The piece I was trying to capture when the camera died was this digital collage of Jesus or G.W. or something that was framed with intricately cut dollarbills that was pretty cool, and I usually have a high aversion to digital photo art. My man Robert Hardgrave showed some digital prints of skateboard graphics he made for some co. in detroit, its amazing how the artworld and the skate world are practically married nowadays. I spoke to one of the Ouch My Eye guys and he told me they throw these every couple months so be on the lookout for the next one in September

Ouch My Eye Studios
Cut Kulture United

Susan Barron
Cut Kulture United

Robert Hardgrave
Cut Kulture United


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