Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ten Questions With George Estrada

George Estrada is one of the most inspirational artists around. Not only does the man get mad props from across the globe for his designing skills but dude can flip it on a grilled cheese.He currently is busting it in the current issue of Arkitip , was the creator of the infamous original Prefuse 73 cover art, and a founding member of Cut kulture. This edition of 10 questions is my thank you to a mentor and a major source of support for everything I do
10 Questions with George Estrada

1. Who is the real George Estrada

-"Na'penda Kookoo" I like pollo y habanero con PiliPil... Siempre forward... Travel'en thru time and space. It's nice to hang out with friends and family and have good old fashion back YARD front Porch straight to the Curb BBQ..." who brought the slaw? "

Cut Kulture United

2. When was the last time you went surfing

- man I grew up in the water , I miss that shit! "You Cholo or you Surf " that's what the neighborhood kids wud ask you everyday ... I'll do both ...Man I aint down with shoot'en fools... (Until you do hear a round wizzzzing by your head) I'd rather drop into 8 foot over-head "walled out beach break"

3. How much are you influenced by growing up in LA in the seventies and eighties

-that was just life ...CRAZY jump'en fences to out run Lennox 13, Hoover, Grape St. Crenshaw Mafia Gang CMG, and 18 Street Cholos ... to many crazy vatos crips and Bloods.. I'm just try'en to walk to school. the 80's in LA were outta control... Chuck Taylors, KrokSacs, Chinos and kreased Dickies with AquaNet ... I guess a Product of your up-bringing? I don't know... Block letters, empty pools, and Qiencinieras ...lowered Monte Carlos .

Cut Kulture United

4. How did you get Ziggy Marley to hang out at your house

- Skating theloading dock at the Santa Monica Auditorium met him during his show , so we invited him to Skate our ramp , on the way back to the LAX airport we gave him directions to ramp... I was shocked ! he showed up ! cool person ...

5. What are the main inspirations for your work

-I don't know ?

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

6. Whats with the palm tree thing

- They soo pretty ! I love'em ... again I don't know... sub-tropical equatorial Inglewood homage! A homage to all equatorial struggles ... Why is the equatorial regions of the world so fuk'en exploited? should be the other way around!!! people, land, and poly-trics...

7. how many times have you been to Africa? Whats the wildest thing you have seen there

-My wife is from there Tanzania. 4 times and the wildest thing there I've seen : Trash everywhere Coke cans Marlbro cigarettes and empty Water Bottles fill up the local streams ! It's a sad sight.

Cut Kulture United

8. How many kids do you have? Why are they so good at skateboarding

-3 times dope ! i don't know why , I guess because they are having FUN !!! remember skateboarding when it was FUN !hanging and skating with your friends , that was the best ... nothing eles mattered ... sessioning a curb in front of 7 Eleven ALL Day !!! all the chilly cheese Hot dog in the Dorittoes bag scamms... Just buy a bag of Dorritos then open up the bag smash in 2 or 3 chilly cheese dogs, crush that shit up in the bag and bammmm, Chilly cheese Nachos with Hot dogs...

9. Whats Citron 68

-A lame attemp to brand my sucky ass

Cut Kulture United

10. Who do you want to give a shout out to

-Sally Mae(student loans), Inglewood People Power,Aztlan, Fresh Lids, Buckminster Fuller, The ends, Original Gangstas, Estro, Faxwars, CRO, Positron mixes


Anonymous estro said...

yea G!!!!!
ohsnap you were 310 tho

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

back then ALL of LA was
the 213
and the lame ass Metro
was the RTD
(Rough Tuff and Dirty)

chill con queso

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:42 AM  
Blogger Mari Corkery said...

George and his family are amazing people. You can't help but be happy when you are around them.

9:48 AM  

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