Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Don't forget This Thursday-- Iosefatu Sua at Vain

I just wanted to remind everybody about this. It is going to be the last show Cut Kulture is curating at Vain and is sure to be a spectacle, with the free drinks and what not. Vain is at 2018 1st ave in downtown Seattle.

Thursday, July 7th from 5-11pm, Belltown’s VAIN Salon and Seattle arts collective Cut Kulture United present the latest work of local multi-media artist Iosefatu Sua dubbed Soles in the Mist. As a featured artist in the VAIN gallery’s Free Thinking Residency Program, Sua says of his exhibit, “Soles in the Mist explores cultural and individual displacement when forced to separate from traditional ties to the past. Cultural identity and security become threatened by the burden of deep existential uncertainty in a culture organized around economic and ethnic inequality.”

Cut Kulture United

Soles in the Mist (Sole is the Polynesian word for homeboy) features images of stereotyped overweight Polynesian Islanders super-imposed on patterned backdrops. The Figures are bold and heavily outlined, street style, and are painted on colorful screenprints which are wheat pasted onto their canvas. Visual inspirations include Japanese wood prints, urban art, and traditional Polynesian iconography.


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