Friday, July 01, 2005

Keep 'em comin.....Logos that is

Wow!!! I got pretty nifty artstash logo piece from my man Jesse Brown today. Dude does some pretty great work with the youth of seattle as an art instructor at Art Works, a non profit that teaches artskills to "troubled" youth. If you ever wondered who did those awesome Jazz murals around the SAM's construction site, well that was Jesse and his kids.

Cut Kulture United

So I guess I was not very clear in my last post about the logo contest thing. It really is not a contest, more of a showcase of artists work using Artstash as the topic matter. There is no deadline as of yet, and all entries will be made into either shirts or stickers. plus you will get the honor of having your work on Seattles premier blog dedicated to all things "stashy". Keep them comin' and I hope to catch you on the flipside.


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