Sunday, July 03, 2005

The one that got away

Cut Kulture United

The other day I was riding the bus down south Fourth ave crossing over the union pacific train Yard when i spied with my lil eye a Pink Smith rail car. For me this was like seeing a Da Vinci hung in an alley as you drive by. So of course I hop off the bus at the next stop and run down to catch some flix. I felt like a hunter about to bag a Lion, I was so excited. It took me maybe five minutes to get to the spot I saw the train at and it was GONE!!!!! Man talk about being disappointed. I stood around for awhile hoping the train would be moved back to where it was but it was not my day. So I took this photo, kinda like shooting for bear and getting a gopher. You may notice how I relate taking graff flix to hunting. It is completely like that. I have no skill to write and no heart to run,lord knows Ive tried, so for me catching fotos of my favorite writers out in the wild is a favorite passtime. The story of Smith is one of the most interesting in Graffiti. He is now Married to Lady Pink who is probably the most famous female writers ever, you know who she is if you have ever seen Wild Style or Style wars . I coulda been a contender with that flick....DAMN!!!!!


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