Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I can't beleive it has taken this long for me to post again. Well I guess the right thing just never came up.......tillthis!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This Friday at BLVD.....

BLVD Gallery

BLVD Gallery is proud to present:
"Natural Selection" featuring the work of
Iosefatu Sua, Sam Sneke, and Angry Woebots
July 7 - August 5, 2006
Opening reception July 7, 2006 6p- 10p

BLVD Gallery
2316 2nd Ave. Seattle, Wa 98121

"Natural Selection" brings together 3 of the Northwest's top Urban Contemporary artists whose work straddles the line between urban and rural, mundane and mythical. Iosefatu Sua has for the past few years been busy creating the fictional South Pacific Island of PEPELO, inhabited by the Sole', a downtrodden people that represent Sua's experiences of being an immigrant to the United States. His current work represents a major shift in style and direction as he now focuses on the pantheon of the Sole' utilizing the rich colors and often macabre imagery of Buddhist religious icons and the deep traditions of his Samoan heritage. Sam Sneke has been involved for the past 15 years with what he calls "Stylewriting" but is commonly, some say mistakenly, called "Graffiti". Three years ago Sam made the shift to working with galleries first by making paintings on canvas utilizing the shapes and visual vernacular of his mural work. Since 2004 Sam has been moving away from his aerosol abstractions and more towards a sculptural relief style utilizing multiple layers of wood in which he reinterprets images from his sketchbook and pop culture in three dimensions as if the wildstyle pieces were jumping off the wall to protect their territory. Aaron Martin a/k/a Angry Woebots, a resident of Hawaii and on occasion of Seattle, brings a Street pop style to his paintings of anthropomorphic animals that reflect the complex emotions of relationships defined by the dominance of others. All three of these artists work deal with their personal relationship with the natural world as well as the nature of mankind.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ohh word!!!

Germany got served by Italy but at least they still have Pictoplasma. I'm taking a collection to attend. What you got on my ticket.....