Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Le Merde at Lipstick Traces 12/1

Cut Kulture United
also some Le Merde fun in PDX:VIEW

Like whoa

Kehinde Wiley, Word!!!!! This is some incredible stuff, check it out now

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

FCK at Black Chandelier 12/1

Cut Kulture United
The F.C. Kids are dropping the third installment of the Everything is Research art series at Black Chandelier this Thursday.
If you take your Ipod you will receive a free mix to upload. Word!!!
Black Chandelier is at 705b E. Pike street.

Monday, November 28, 2005

R. Land at Vain Dec. 1

This just in from the folks at Vain:

Join us this Thursday, Dec. 1 from 5 to 10pm at VAIN for the unveiling of paintings and other new media by Atlanta-based artist R. LAND, whose work has most recently appeared in the NY Press, the Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD set, as well as in galleries across the US. Refreshments and surprises to be provided.

Cut Kulture United

R. LAND's art has been described as having "all the grace and majesty of mescaline without all the crazy talking coyote spirit guides," and that's just the half of it. With its vibrant, distorted storyland settings and figures, it's work that's definitely worth checking out. This collection at VAIN will feature everything from large-scale paintings on wood to smaller holiday gift items- all R. LAND originals for you and yours to enjoy.

We're thrilled to have R. LAND's art at VAIN and hope you'll stop by to see it for yourself. The exhibit runs through December 31.
2018 1st Ave Seattle

If ya don't Know now ya Know. City Soul Radio

Woebot on the grind

Hawaiian transplant Angry Woebots has been getting mad busy lately, what with a show at LA's Black Market gallery in November and a return to Hawaii coming soon its amazing he has time to breathe. Well homie is not one to let the grind slip. He has been making these awesome little videos of art and dance that I think everybody needs to see.
video clips:Mainframe and Seattles Fresh
He is also trying get a bit more funds for his return to Hawaii by selling some very nice hand painted posters.
Cut Kulture United
This ones called "Grim"
Contact him about acquiring one through his website
Get on it, befor you know it he'll be gone and the only way you'll be able to get his work will be through some high priced gallery.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

164 rats and 1 dead watchman

You might have already seen this. A preview of Banksy's new show "Crude Oils". I hate rats.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

HVW8/Daz-I-Kue in the mix

What up y'all, It's the turkey week and I have been col' chillin with a fever. Before the heat caught me i made it out to the Hvw8/Daz-I-Kue show at the Baltic Room. It was a bunch of fun with alot of folks just getting, getting on down. they had a decent setup for the HVW8 artist to do their thang, What with a video projection of all the action this was definately a departure from the standard hiding in the corner thang that most live paint jams wind up being. If These cats come again you better make it there because it was incredible to see. But I gotsta give it up to my man Daz for dropping the hot FYAH on the dancefloor. The Sun Tzu Mobb are rapidly becoming the hottest ticket for burning out your kicks. Word !
Cut Kulture United
Early in the evening, HVW8 doin' it
Cut Kulture United
The crowd is all vibes
Cut Kulture United
Yeah, it's shapin up son
Cut Kulture United
Daz pon de selection
Cut Kulture United
I had to leave early so this is where I left. Pretty tight ,Right?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Don't Get it Twisted at Noodleworks

Saturday, November 19, 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Noodleworks Studios presents an Open Studio & Holiday Sale Saturday November 19th from 12-6pm.

Featuring Work by Helen Curtis, Andie DeRoux, Martha Early, Yuki Nakamura, Mary Ann Peters, Tiger Lily and others.

Located in the International District, Noodleworks Studios is home to some of Seattle's most dedicated artists. We'll be serving snacks and beverages and look forward to seeing you there.

Noodleworks Studios
802 6th Ave South
Seattle Washington

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mike Dailyon at 35th North 11/18

Cut Kulture United

Monday, November 14, 2005

Get Knuck if ya Buck

This past weekend had a touch of greatness to it starting on Thursday when i made my way to Maharaja, an Indian Restaurant with a fantastic "Dive" lounge to peep the new work by Jesse Edwards. Though the lighting was a bit too Moody to take flix of the art I caught a hot one of the man himself.
Cut Kulture United
El Guapo, or Damn this guy is crazy. Jesse Edwards, Kid!

Friday was wet. I made a trip with the family down to Fed Way for a bit of Big Box discount shopping and some of the best Bulgogi this side of Pyongyang. Mi Rak Baby....After I actually made it back to the city I headed to Roq La Rue to check out the Kayukawa/ Hahn show. This is an absolute must see, probably the best show happening in the city at the moment. Lucky for you I managed to catch a couple flicks of the action, here is one of the frenzy next to Yumiko Kayukawa's work-
Cut Kulture United
I also had the pleasure to talk to Moira Hahn, an incredibly nice person who's work knocked my socks off. She sold most of her work before the show even opened and then agreed to pose for a flick for the 'Stash. word!
Cut Kulture United
I really enjoyed the art I saw this weekend and again feel real good about whats going down in the 206.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Unauthorized autobiography of Jonathan

Cut Kulture United

Tra Selhtrow will be doing a solo Thing at OkOk Friday the 18th of November. You should get there early because whay I've heard is that he sells everything within minutes yo.
OkOk is located at 709 Broadway E. in Seattles lovely Capitol Hill

Thursday, November 10, 2005

ahh sh#t, Jesse in the house

Jesse Edwards, who happens to be one of my favorite Seattle artists is having a show tonight at Maharaja 720 E pike street. During a recent conversation with the man he said"I'm not so concerned about offending people as much as i want to offend the right people". Jesse is heading in the right direction at least.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


33 records by 33 artists for $33
Nov. 10 - Dec. 2
Curated by Devon Varmega

Opening Reception:
Thursday Nov. 10
7-9 pm

@ The Vera Project
1916 4th ave
Seattle. Wa 98101
(downtown between stewart and virgina st.)


Chris Johanson
Pierre Richardson
Tony Liebowitz
Michael Budai
Hair Party
Derek Boucier
Andrio Abero
Shylo Byrd
David Gallo
Chris Ando
Craig Updegrove
Jesse Brown
Brent Wadden
Shawn Wolfe
Davis Limbauch
Ryan Jacob Smith
Matt Anderson
Lena Okazaki
Aron Wahl
David Call
Jana Janaliptik
Maryanne Goldin
Chris Chrites

hope to see you there.

Yumiko Kayukawa, Moira Hahn at Roq La Rue Nov.11th

Roq La Rue is pleased to present two artists who both create a fusion of both western and Asian pop and classical influences in their work
Yumiko Kayukawa
“Beast From The East”
new paintings
Moira Hahn
“Sunset Serenade”
new paintings

Opening Friday November 11th 6-10pm
with live music by the Buttersprites
runs through December 3rd
2312 2nd Ave(between Battery and Bell)

Cut Kulture United

Yumiko Kayukawa was born in the small town of Naie in Hokkaido, Japan.(She now resides in Seattle.) The panoramic beauty of her surroundings and feelings of communication with the native animals inspired her to paint the things around her. As a teenager she also fell in love "with the energy and giddiness" of American pop-culture through her exposure to rock n' roll, film, and fashion. By the age of 16, she had debuted into the art world with a comic-book (Manga) feature.

Cut Kulture United

Moira Hahn lives and teaches in Los Angeles. For this show, a body of work emerged from Hahn’s observation of the natural world, particularly the behavior of birds in her backyard and a host of feral cats that lurk nearby. Hahn’s study of nineteenth century Japanese ukiyo-e masters Kunisada (Toyokuni), Kuniyoshi, and Zeshin inspired her to create scenes in which the birds attempt to level the playing field. In “Revenge of the Tori”, for example, an atelier of vigilant birds print “Wanted” posters of neighborhood cats. Her use of watercolor, a traditionally difficult medium, is flawless and captures the tone of early Ukiyo-e paintings juxtaposed with subtle modern references. In addition, Moira will be showing paintings from a series of work explores that her interest in the long term ubiquity of anime and manga in Japan and the US, and inspired her to replace deities in swirling hypnotic scenes of other dimensions with cartoon icons such as Doraemon and Atom Boy, from Japanese cartoons.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My GGGGGeneration Baby

Here is a crazy lil clip I thought y'all would dig. it's courtesy of PNG, a Seattle Graffiti portal.

RBMA Seattle

The Red Bull Music Academy has taken a good amount of my time recently and i just wanted to share with everybody what Iosefatu Sua and myself have been working on. We worked together as co-curators of the arts exhibition for the Academy bringing together a diverse group of artists to give the participants an opportunity to experience what the fresh, youthful art community of Seattle has to offer. Here is a gallery of images from the academy for you to enjoy.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Blacklist #8 is out now

Blacklist Magazine, The greatest thing since huffing white out has just dropped a new issue.This one is packed with goodies like video interviews with DJ / Producer Jesse De La Peña and performance footage of Seu Jorge during the World Music Festival, book reviews of Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink" & "The Tipping Point", Banksy's "Cut it Out", and an interview and MP3s from Chicago's own hip-hop originals,Qualo. Also check for Seattles own Sara Jayne Crow busting two interviews with Robert Henke (Monolake) and Portland's Ohmega Watts.
All in all a bonus thing to spend a day at work checking out.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Babylon and ting

Man, i think corporations are going to rule everything in art pretty soon, at least for "street" culture. Poo on Art is an ongoing art project produced by 55DSL's, Diesel's streetwear line.
Cut Kulture United
They actually are doing some kick ass things like 55ROOTS. 55 Roots is retrospective celebration of roots music and it’s influence on youth culture and popular music. Six new up and coming artists have been carefully selected to visually interpret a selection of sixteen original Trojan tracks that have fundamentally influenced Youth Culture and Popular Music. Artists include Dragon and Shibuya from Japan, Mitchy Bwoy of Straight No Chaser and Bugz in The Attic fame, as well as James Carey, Jim Stoten, and Peter Quinnell

Brings me to tears

Some of my favorite folks in Seattle, Thread, are having a pretty cool event this Saturday, November 5, for the 1 year anniversary of the Threadshop in Ballard. Thread is an arts group that is dedicated to creating a link between the more highbrow side of things (like museums and the fancy galleries) and emerging artists of all stripes. These are the type of people Seattle really needs and I am proud to work with them whenever I can. For the opening this saturday they asked Sam Sneke to bless the space with some HOTT FYAHH!!!! word.

Cut Kulture United

The Event this Saturday-

My-T at Threadshop
"Artist made, User built"

Its As Easy As…
with special assistance from our neigbors
at the New York Fashion Academy

NOVEMBER 5, 2005
6:00 - 10:00 PM
Featuring patches designed by local and national artists-
JACK DAWS, Seattle
Additional Art And Wares By: * Lindsey Adelman * Amanda Barr * Debra Baxter & Jennifer Zwick * Gretchen Bennett * Sally Brock * Chrissy Conant * Karen Doten * Julia Elsas * Christian French * Mandy Greer * Cecily & Ruthie Haskell * Victoria Haven * Jean Hicks * Patrick Holderfield * Elizabeth Jameson * Michelle Kumata * Laura MacCary * Allison Manch * Paul Margolis * Cathy McClure & Seth Sexton * Allyson Mellberg * Jeffry Mitchell * Gretchen Moran * Yuki Nakamura * Molly Norris Curtis * Joseph Park * Kristina Podesva * Deborah Reichard * Fern Renville * Tivon Rice * Rebecca Richards * Toi Sennhauser * Eiko Shima & Setsuko Smith * Camille Slack * Sam Sneke * Ashley Thorner * Miller Updegraff * Monique Van Genderen * Nicola Vruwink * Marion Wilson * Brandon Zebold * Claude Zervas *
5000 2oth Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 388-4616

This Just in......

ART BY E — Curated by Twilight Artist Collective

Exhibition Dates:
Thursday, November 3, 2005 - Friday, November 25, 2005

Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 3, 2005, 8pm - 10pm

SEATTLE (October 31, 2005)—Capitol Hill Arts Center (CHAC), presents its next show in a series of monthly exhibitions – ART BY E. The exhibition opens November 3, 2005 and remains on view through November 25, 2005 in the Lower Level Gallery at CHAC, located at 1621 - 12th Ave.

ART BY E is a vibrant and luminous collection of work with a concentration on simple shapes and images derived from popular culture, and everyday emotions. These bold and colorful pieces are brought to life with old light strings, colored bulbs, and the transformation of recycled materials.

Artist Eric Osborne is self-taught and works in a variety of different mediums. Using old skate decks or window panes as his canvas Eric delivers a simple narrative with his work that we can all relate to—the ache of a flaming heart or the imagery of a big white cloud in a solid teal sky that takes us right back to childhood!

Twilight Artist Collective is a high energy, creative group focused on bringing up-and-coming artists and their work to the community. We are committed to making art a part of our everyday lives, and are proud to be representing so many talented people.

Lower Level Gallery is open: Monday – Sunday, 6pm - 2am.
21+ ID Required.
General number: 206.388.0521