Thursday, June 30, 2005

Montana Paints.....For the home?

The other day I was speaking to some good friends of mine that are moving into their first "HOUSE" and were asking me about good paint to paint a metal bakers rack type of thing. In a flash of inspiration I thought about Montana spray paint and how it far exceeds Krylon and Rustoleum in every way. This specially formulated spraypaint is made in europe specifically for graffiti, They even have "Team Writers" for godsake. This paint is amazing in how vivid the colors are and how well it covers. They also have an amazing array of colors that puts most design markers to shame.
Cut Kulture United

So my idea is for them to start a marketing campaign targeting the crafts/home decorating market that is so huge right now. I think it is obvious that there are alot more folks that would embrace this stuff in the context of painting that lil wood table you got at a yardsale or painting your popsiclestick candelabra to match your chartreuse drapes. I know it doesn't have much street cred to it but boy could you make some loot. Imagine having Martha Stewart give you her seal of approval ......... Kaching!!!!!!

What, You don't like fun?

My Homie DR. NANDO told me about a party he is throwing at Chop Suey Thursday the 30th of june. My man consistently busts with the funnest events in seattle and , well I just wanted to give him and his event a shout so:

WP2K Presents






9pm doors

Chop Suey
1325 E Madison

hmm, did I mention the free Champagne!!!!!!????

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ten Questions With George Estrada

George Estrada is one of the most inspirational artists around. Not only does the man get mad props from across the globe for his designing skills but dude can flip it on a grilled cheese.He currently is busting it in the current issue of Arkitip , was the creator of the infamous original Prefuse 73 cover art, and a founding member of Cut kulture. This edition of 10 questions is my thank you to a mentor and a major source of support for everything I do
10 Questions with George Estrada

1. Who is the real George Estrada

-"Na'penda Kookoo" I like pollo y habanero con PiliPil... Siempre forward... Travel'en thru time and space. It's nice to hang out with friends and family and have good old fashion back YARD front Porch straight to the Curb BBQ..." who brought the slaw? "

Cut Kulture United

2. When was the last time you went surfing

- man I grew up in the water , I miss that shit! "You Cholo or you Surf " that's what the neighborhood kids wud ask you everyday ... I'll do both ...Man I aint down with shoot'en fools... (Until you do hear a round wizzzzing by your head) I'd rather drop into 8 foot over-head "walled out beach break"

3. How much are you influenced by growing up in LA in the seventies and eighties

-that was just life ...CRAZY jump'en fences to out run Lennox 13, Hoover, Grape St. Crenshaw Mafia Gang CMG, and 18 Street Cholos ... to many crazy vatos crips and Bloods.. I'm just try'en to walk to school. the 80's in LA were outta control... Chuck Taylors, KrokSacs, Chinos and kreased Dickies with AquaNet ... I guess a Product of your up-bringing? I don't know... Block letters, empty pools, and Qiencinieras ...lowered Monte Carlos .

Cut Kulture United

4. How did you get Ziggy Marley to hang out at your house

- Skating theloading dock at the Santa Monica Auditorium met him during his show , so we invited him to Skate our ramp , on the way back to the LAX airport we gave him directions to ramp... I was shocked ! he showed up ! cool person ...

5. What are the main inspirations for your work

-I don't know ?

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

6. Whats with the palm tree thing

- They soo pretty ! I love'em ... again I don't know... sub-tropical equatorial Inglewood homage! A homage to all equatorial struggles ... Why is the equatorial regions of the world so fuk'en exploited? should be the other way around!!! people, land, and poly-trics...

7. how many times have you been to Africa? Whats the wildest thing you have seen there

-My wife is from there Tanzania. 4 times and the wildest thing there I've seen : Trash everywhere Coke cans Marlbro cigarettes and empty Water Bottles fill up the local streams ! It's a sad sight.

Cut Kulture United

8. How many kids do you have? Why are they so good at skateboarding

-3 times dope ! i don't know why , I guess because they are having FUN !!! remember skateboarding when it was FUN !hanging and skating with your friends , that was the best ... nothing eles mattered ... sessioning a curb in front of 7 Eleven ALL Day !!! all the chilly cheese Hot dog in the Dorittoes bag scamms... Just buy a bag of Dorritos then open up the bag smash in 2 or 3 chilly cheese dogs, crush that shit up in the bag and bammmm, Chilly cheese Nachos with Hot dogs...

9. Whats Citron 68

-A lame attemp to brand my sucky ass

Cut Kulture United

10. Who do you want to give a shout out to

-Sally Mae(student loans), Inglewood People Power,Aztlan, Fresh Lids, Buckminster Fuller, The ends, Original Gangstas, Estro, Faxwars, CRO, Positron mixes

Monday, June 27, 2005

Ouch My Head

I went to the artshow at Ouch My Eye studios this past saturday night.There definately was some good work up, unfortunately the batteries in my camera crapped out after I took three flix. Bad Blogger, Bad bad Blogger. I managed to have some fun especially after the host gave me a shot of Jim Beam to remedy my disappointment. The piece I was trying to capture when the camera died was this digital collage of Jesus or G.W. or something that was framed with intricately cut dollarbills that was pretty cool, and I usually have a high aversion to digital photo art. My man Robert Hardgrave showed some digital prints of skateboard graphics he made for some co. in detroit, its amazing how the artworld and the skate world are practically married nowadays. I spoke to one of the Ouch My Eye guys and he told me they throw these every couple months so be on the lookout for the next one in September

Ouch My Eye Studios
Cut Kulture United

Susan Barron
Cut Kulture United

Robert Hardgrave
Cut Kulture United

Devils Victims Suffer

I had the pleasure of watching the guys from DVS paint the wall at Vain the other night. These cats are definately masters of the spraycan art. I suggest you make your way to Vain to see it yourself because Graff is cool in photos but it aint nothin like the real thing baby. Vain is at 2018 1st ave in belltown.

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United
all photos Kevlar Z

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bomb The System

I am definately looking forward to seeing the new film Bomb The System that will being shown at The Grand Illusion this weekend. On Friday June 24th there will be a QnA with the producer, unfortunately I have no Idea at which show it will happen so contact the the theater for more info: 206.523.3935

Cut Kulture United

Bomb the System is the first true feature in over 20 years to delve into the world of graffiti art. The film, shot entirely on the streets of New York City, is a stunning debut feature from 23-year-old writer / director Adam Bhala Lough. Mark Webber (Storytelling) leads a talented young ensemble cast as Blest, a 19-year-old graffiti writer fresh out of high school with no ambition for the future. All I got to say is be on the lookout for NYC bomber Gano in a starring role.

Showtimes are:
SAT + SUN :3PM, 5PM, 7PM, 9PM

Grand Illusion is located at 1403 NE 50th st.

"Cop Out" at Ouch My Eye Studios June 25

This Saturday, June 25,Ouch My Eye studios is hosting a night of art, dj's and all around good times.

Featuring the work of:
Shango Los, Jodi Niss, Robert Hardgrave,
Molly McKeown, Lawrence Ruelos, Chris Nelson,
Christy Reed, David Badders, Susan Barron,
Adam Crockett, Heather Elliot, Marci Rasmussen,
Joel Clarin, Jolyn Brubaker, Leann Raschke,
John Gascon, Ouch My Eye, and DJ Ensom Nea

Ouch My Eye Studios
55 S Atlantic Street # 310
in the Bemis Building
Free, 21+

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ten Questions with Mary Long

When I first saw Mary Longs work at the "Good Girls Gone Bad Show" at Moksha I was struck by the absolute sense of joy that she puts in her work. You definately can't be morose when you paint poledancing bunnies. Her work has an energy that is definately fun loving and brings a positive view of sexuality. I am very pleased to get to know the talented Mary Long

Mary Long 10 Questions

1 How long have you been painting.
I've been into art since I can remember. I drew pictures on all my furniture
and walls as a child. As I got more passionate, I would teach myself from
books. In college, I studied tropical horticulture, but my painting has been
going strong four years now.

2 Are you from the Seattle area?
No. I've been living here since March 2002. I grew up in Hawaii on the
island of Oahu. My mom and family are all still there. She's from Korea.

Cut Kulture United

3 I really enjoyed the paintings you had at the Good Girls Gone Bad show at
Moksha, How did you get involved with that show.
Elvia. I heart Elvia.

4 You had a couple real cool sticker packs at that show, what
motivated you to make those?
One pack is my lapdance college series. That was my theme for the good
girls gone bad. Everyone's naughty some time or another right? So I had my
bunnies on poles, smoking when it's not allowed, and girls working their
bootay. My other pack is pastel porn from my antivalentines show. Those are
actually my first attempts at pastel.

Cut Kulture United

5 Your work has a cool naughty retro thing happening, or is that just me?
There's a lot of ways to describe it. I've gotten hello kitty on acid, edgy
innocence, playful, raw, sassy and sweet 16. I really enjoy the reaction
from my audience. Some get shy, others giggle, a few walk away aroused.

6 Have you ever had a pet rabbit?
Yes, more like several batches. I grew up with lots of pets. We had a pair
of rabbits who loved making babies. Their names were Tuffy and Fluffy. We
had 'em for years. They were like family.

Cut Kulture United

7 Have you ever been to the HideOut on Boren?
No, but I will check it out.

8 So what is this Monster gang your in?
Pocket Full of's Angry Woebot's evil doings. He's like the
godfather and we're his posse. I'm part of a duo....Aloha Terrorist. We bomb
you with love.

Cut Kulture United

9 What do you think of the term Urban Contemporary Art. Is it just a trap?
It sounds like homework. It's the new way to describe "hip, cool,
new" "urban streetwear." It's for fancy people.

10 Anything else you want to say?

Cut Kulture United

Get yo Krump on

I have been completely obsessed with the whole Krump dancing Phenomena for the past couple years and am absolutely freaking out about the new David Lachapelle movie Rize .

Cut Kulture United

If you do not know about Krumping its roots are based in C-Walkin' which is also known as Crip walking , kinda like a full body Gang sign. I guess in the early ninties some guy named Tommy the Clown cleaned it up for the kiddies and called it clown dancing so you wouldn't get killed doing it in the wrong 'hood. Theres a great video about all of this. Anyway I hope Rize makes it to Seattle.

Get A Grip --> Friday June 24 at 35th North

Cut Kulture United

Get a Grip, A grip Tape art show by John Wold at 35th Ave North Skateshop
Opening Reception Friday, June 24th 8pm
35th is located at 1100 E Pike

Monday, June 20, 2005

Photos from Chris Crites at OKOK

The artist reception for Chris Crites at OKOK this past friday was pretty fun, with plenty of quality conversation happening amidst Chris Crites' brightly colored portraits of 19th century criminals. I gotta give it up to the folks at OK OK for representing with the Red Stripe. I know , It's bad form to talk about the beer selection at an art opening but Yo it's red stripe. Now , don't get me wrong the Art was kicking as well, I especially like Chris' use of old paper bags to paint his pieces on. The creases gave the portraits a weathered feeling that works well with the subject matter. Chris also made some of the coolest plushies I have seen, Who else do you know can snuggle up to an axe killer every night. Don't answer that. If you are up on Capitol Hill I suggest you make it to OK OK to check out this show,
It's much fun and the folks there are definately down for the 206. OKOK is located at 709 Broadway E. Seattle Wa 98102

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Midway Colloquial Arts Expo

Saturday I went to The Midway Colloquial Arts Expo also Known as The Midway Flea Market where I saw some of the best site specific installation pieces ever. If you have never been, well thats too bad because I was notified that this was the very last one ever. It's amazing what you can find at an abandoned Drive in Theater

One of my favorite pieces.....The hundred tiny deaths of Detroit
Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Shades of ESPO and Twist
Cut Kulture United

Takeshi Murakami wishes it was this easy
Cut Kulture United

Friday, June 17, 2005

Art Stash Logo Design Competition

If you feel you got what it takes to represent the 'Stash and Seattle with some fresh art/design let the world see it . The best will become t-shirts but all entries will become stickers to hit up around the globe. All entries will of course be featured in Art Stash with proper credit given to the artist. Email us with your magic.

Cut Kulture United

My Man George Estrada has kicked us this Art Stash logo inna RudeBwoy stylee .

"Soles in the mist" Art by Iosefatu Sua July 7 at Vain

Thursday, July 7th from 5-11pm, Belltown’s VAIN Salon and Seattle arts collective Cut Kulture United present the latest work of local multi-media artist Iosefatu Sua dubbed Soles in the Mist. As a featured artist in the VAIN gallery’s Free Thinking Residency Program, Sua says of his exhibit, “Soles in the Mist explores cultural and individual displacement when forced to separate from traditional ties to the past. Cultural identity and security become threatened by the burden of deep existential uncertainty in a culture organized around economic and ethnic inequality.”

Cut Kulture United

Soles in the Mist (Sole is the Polynesian word for homeboy) features images of stereotyped overweight Polynesian Islanders super-imposed on patterned backdrops. The Figures are bold and heavily outlined, street style, and are painted on colorful screenprints which are wheat pasted onto their canvas. Visual inspirations include Japanese wood prints, urban art, and traditional Polynesian iconography.

Seattle Books to Prisoners Fundraiser

"Seattle Books to Prisoners are planning the auction for spring/summer 2005 (no venue or date selected yet). This will be our big 'main' fundraiser for the year so we hope to have plenty on display, and invite lots of people/buyers. In terms of what kind of artworks we're looking for, pretty much anything that is 'saleable' (whatever that means) - paintings, prints, cartoons, whatever. They don't have to have any specific connection to prisons, prisoners, or books. If the
donating artist can include a brief bio (including shows they have been exhibited in, or where ther work has been published?), description of the work and any other pertinent info that would be good (perhaps a suggested minimum donation?).

The artist would be donating the work no-strings-attached, with the only recompense being a warm feeling from doing some good (and perhaps a t-shirt if they'd like one). We are an all-volunteer organisation whose income comes primarily from individual donations and benefit events, and that we have been supported in the past by Denise Levertov, Sherman Alexie, Noam Chomsky, and R.E.M."

For more info, email Andy

Thursday, June 16, 2005

You can never get enough work done

This will help you waste some time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Man those canucks got it all

This would be an interesting thing to do here in Seattle. Maybe there is a way to do this in conjunction with one of the "Arts Festivals" we have here. Or better yet Maybe I'll start putting efforts to it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

10 questions with N8W

I first met Nate Williams in 1998 and was immediately struck by the originality of his illustrations. He was able to capture a vivid world that was a bit latin, a bit retro but completely modern. over the years we had lost contact til a couple of years ago I bumped into Nate at a party and he told me of his impending departure for Argentina. I thought it would be an amazing trip, not quite understanding that this would be more than just a trip for Nate. Two years later Nate is still in Argentina and his art is everywhere now. If you look at any hip magazine odds are that you will see his work for Converse in it. I feel that it would be great to share the sincerity of the one like N8W.

Cut Kulture United

1. who are you. what should folks know about n8w.

good question :) .. I think I'm a optimist that’s just curious about the world, information, insects, plants and people. I like to experience things first hand and use things that are second hand

2. you have been in south america for a while, do you miss starbucks

.. ha ha .. its amazing how pervasive north American media and products are .. I've been trying to learn Spanish for almost two years and its difficult when a large amount of music played on the radio is in English .. the movies in the theaters are in English .. etc .. but no I don't miss Starbucks or large chains of any kind. I really like family ran businesses specific to the locality and just consuming less in general.

3. I see your work everywhere, who are some of your most recent clients

lately, I've been extremely lucky... I try to do pro-bono work when I can which is a great way to get your work out in the public and help people at the same time. (On the Boards, Art with Heart, a few zines, etc)

As far as paying clients .. I've recently done work of Paste Magazine, Cartoon Network, The Village Voice and I'm currently working on some images for a mural that will be in an Australian Restaurant located in Korea.

Cut Kulture United

4. how much does the internet affect your ability to work from Argentina

It still amazes me after 10 plus years of using it. With Telephone, Broadband Internet, and Chat .. Working from Buenos Aires, Argentina is almost the same as working from Seattle. It has allowed me to work all over the world .. Chile, Panama, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

In costa Rica I lived in a very small town that only had one paved road. I shared a 56kb connection with 4 people at an internet café .. I would show the comps to client from this café .. and when they were ready to download the final 3 MB highrez file .. I would take a 1.5 hour bus ride to the nearest town with broadband internet to upload the file to my server .. then take the 1.5 hour bus ride back .. sounds like a pain .. but riding a bus in a beautiful place .. looking and talking with super kind people was a pleasure .. it was like a field trip

5. whats fun there

I could go on and on and probably will .. I completely love Buenos Aires .. this is a suppppppppper fun crazy city .. like a European/latin version of New York City at a 1/3 of the price. On the surface .. the nightlife is amazing ... you will never be able to go to all the exhibits, shows, restaurants, theaters, lectures, art collaborations .. etc .. there is always stuff happening .. but beyond that.. I like how the little things are different .. its like being a kid again .. all of the sudden everything is interesting again because it works differently so you can't just be on autopilot .. you have to notice your surroundings .. from going to the supermarket, to flushing a toilet, to how you greet people. I like taking the subway and people watching. I love how expressive and friendly the people are. I really like how old people and young people hang out together a lot more than in the US .. and you can't take a taxi cab with out the driver talking shit about President Bush .. which is completely fine with
me. Here are some pictures

Cut Kulture United

6. have you grown out your hair like all those argentinian footballers

ha ha .. no .. I still have a pretty non-descript hair cut .. the football mullets are out of control here .. I've seen every variation of a mullet .. In my attempts to assimilate I stopped shaving regularly

7. what are the inspirations for your work

I usually am inspired by things that aren't really art related .. like insects, plants or textures found in the city .. and of course music.

Cut Kulture United

8. Have you seen any good street art there

tons .. there a lot of good stencils .. graffiti.. etc .. but I really like the street art that don't fall into a lot of the graffiti clichés
for example

9 what are some upcoming projects for you

Buenos Aires has really amazing interior design .. and its made be realize how lighting can really effect your mood.... I would like to make my paintings more dramatic and dynamic and illuminate them .. kind of theatrical/scary circus feel ..

here are some of my inspirations


Cut Kulture United

10 any last thoughts for the stash

thanks for getting to know me :)

"A Crime for Every Occasion" at OKOK June 17

"A Crime For Every Occasion" a show of new work by Chris Crites will be having its opening reception at OKOK on Friday June 17 from 7 - 10 pm. OKOK is located at 709 Broadway E. Seattle Wa 98102

Monday, June 13, 2005

have you heard about this

I saw this today and thought I would share.

A sick sketchbook ting

Good friend to Artstash and beloved Seattle artist Nhon Nguyen has been getting real busy in Osaka recently doing these incredible sketches of his new enviroment. Possibly my favorites are the skatespots. Man, Osaka looks ripe. Nhon is planning a book for these as well as a possible show here in Seattle.
click image for more

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Photos From the Robert Hardgrave opening

I went to the Robert Hardgrave show at Kuhlman last night and had a blast. This was the first time I had seen his work and was quite impressed. I am sure you will be hearing alot more about this very nice and talented artist.
Kuhlman is located at 2419 1st ave in Belltown

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Breaking News

Graffiti becomes the topic of the evening news. I personally get bummed when I see the acid etching or scribing in windows because that just closes peoples eyes when it comes to artists like Sneke or Pars. A good view of the international Street art world is Wooster Collective straight out the NYC.

The Beginning at Artworks

Here are some fotos from "The Beginning" the current show at ArtWorks, A youth artcenter downtown. Miles and Fallup do the rock versus Ninja thing that is so popular with the kids these days. Please check out this show and take a minute to find out more about ArtWorks and their mission to help at risk youth through art.

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Robert Hardgrave at Kuhlman June 10

Robert Hardgrave - "Finding a way"
6pm to 10pm June 10th
at: Kuhlman - 2419 1st Ave in Belltown - Seattle, WA
right next to the Cyclops - look for the blinking eye.

Robert says:
A solo exhibit for the summer. I spent the winter/spring preparing for
this and I am quite proud of my accomplishments. It displays my search
for personal spirituality through the borrowing from contemporary and
past cultures. If you don't attend any of my other events, this is the
one not to miss. All new work for this one. I promise you won't be

6pm to 10pm June 10th
at: Kuhlman - 2419 1st Ave in Belltown - Seattle, WA
right next to the Cyclops - look for the blinking eye.

Cut Kulture United

Robert also has an interview in Fecal Face so check it out.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

George Estrada in Arkitip

Seattles own Design genius and cut_vinyl master George Estrada is a featured artist in the upcoming Arkitip #28. If you have never heard of Arkitip , well it's the bible for the Street/Skate art community.

Cut Kulture United
This is a great thing for my man George and I am sure you will be hearing alot more about him and his many projects including his role as art director with Seattle arts group Cut Kulture.