Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Cut Kulture United
Seattle Homie Katsu is caught in the act on these cool projection installations. Hecka Dope.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Chronic(What?)les of Narnia


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cut Kulture United

Sunday, December 18, 2005

PFOM in the house

Some flix from the Pocketfull of Monsters show friday at Olivo Doce.
Cut Kulture United
Overheard "My butt itches and I even took a bath earlier"
Cut Kulture United
Sua seeing red
Cut Kulture United
Peekaboo getting drippy with it
Cut Kulture United
What the hey, it's jilf

Go check this show out, It's at the lil' gallery at the corner of Olive and 12th. in Capitol HILL

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ert in Seattle

Ert of Fecal Face/ Juxtapoz fame has posted a decent lil diddy about her recent trip to Seattle. She even gives the ol' stash a plug. Yeah , we on the come up.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Red bull stole my month, and all I got was this nasty addiction

What up y'all
I am back in action , what with the Red Bull gig all done I can finally share some time with my most favorite art community this side of Lake Washington. The Acadmy, as we liked to call it, was amazing. Looking back on it there were so many great people running in and out of it as well as the cream of Seattle handling alot of the daily grind. Plus I had the great opportunity to work on the ArRange show at McCaw Hall. Meeting some musical gods is always fun, even when you have to deal with petty gripes from some sectors. I guess you can't please everybody. Special thanks go out to my man Sua who put me down with this gig and did an excellant job of co-curating what amounted to a pretty crazy show. Well here are the few flicks I caught around the academy and the ArRange show as well as some flicks of this damn invite Iosefatu Sua and I slaved over one night. Wheres my Money, Honey.
Cut Kulture United
Angry Woebots and Robert Hardgrave do it to the music all night long

Cut Kulture United
After this Sua is gonna go appear in the smash broadway musical "Newsies"

Cut Kulture United
Not 1, Not 2, but the Whole damn Crew. Artists in the House.
From L-R Darvin Vida, Angry Woebots, Iosefatu Sua, Mark Atlas, Robert Hardgrave, Tra Selhtrow, Damion Hayes , Missing is Jilf because he had to take a shit

Cut Kulture United
Thats alot of Tony Orlando and Dawn

Cut Kulture United
If you didn't make this then you probably made it to work monday

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

pocket full of monster show at Olivo Doce 12/16

These kids really need to work on making a press release. But all the same there is a show at OlivoDoce on friday, it should be fun and I have absolutely no idea what it is about.

1203 East Olive Street

Seattle, Washington

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Big Party at Roq la Rue Friday!

Roq La Rue Holiday Party and Benefit For Bamboo
December 16th  6-9pm
a one night only art show
with ALL proceeds
going to NARN's Free Bamboo Campaign

With works by:
Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Todd Schorr, Kathy Schorr, Alex Gross, Scott Musgrove, Pooch, Joshua Petker, Andrew Brandou, Ryan Heshka, Joe Vollan, Yumiko Kayukawa, Krystof Nemeth, Jessica McCourt, Derek Nobbs, Rik Garrett, Kipling West, Travis Louie and
Roq la Rue is throwing a holiday party and hosting a special ONE NIGHT ONLY art show with ALL proceeds going to the Northwest Animal Rights Network fund for Bamboo the elephant. Bamboo, a resident of Woodland Park Zoo for 37 years, began to exhibit aggressive and neurotic behavior. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee offered to take Bamboo and offer her a better life, on their own dime, but the Woodland Park Zoo decided to send her to Point Defiance Zoo instead (where she continues her neurotic pacing and head-shaking). This is an injustice and smacks of politics rather than true concern for this majestic creature's health and well being. We feel if more people were aware of the situation we could get Bamboo moved to the Sanctuary where she'd be loved and taken care of, with thousands of acres to roam instead of the one acre she has now. All funds raised will be used to raise awareness about Bamboo's welfare in our community.
Roq La Rue is at
2312 2nd Ave
(Between Battery and Bell)
(206) 374-8977

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tales of the Psycho City

Piece by Piece is a fresh documentary about the SF graff scene. There are plenty of interviews with the legends that came up in the world famous Psycho City yard and the mean streets of the city by the bay.

Your Girl got d!@ked by Ricky Powell.......

Yeah so whoever got the grey matter to make it happen will be at the War Room Saturday at 6pm to peep the Ricky Powell Slideshow. Yo the Rickster has been in it to win it since day zero so you know that whatever he is going to say will kill. You'll also have a chance to meet the man on Sunday at Goods during his booksigning that starts at 3pm.
The War Room, 722 E. Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122
Goods , 112 pike street, Seattle

Luke yates at Moksha 12/9

What it Do>>>
There is an art show at moksha tonight with the one called Luke Yates.
It starts at some point in the evening prolly about 8pm so be (((((THERE)))))
Moksha is at 4542 University Way

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Roq La Rue opening Friday

Roq la Rue Gallery
Oksana Badrak
Miles Thompson

Opening Friday Dec 9th 6-10pm

Roq La Rue is pleased to present the works of two artist who are making big ripples in the Pop Surrealism pond, Oksana Badrak and Miles Thompson.

Russian born Oksana Badrak’s work is highlighted by an enigmatic perfection. With its dreamy surrealism and incredible detail, Oksana Badrak's work exists in a dimension of her own. It presents a fantastical visual experience made up of graphic fiction and tightly rendered reality. Inspired by a range of experiences from an Asian supermarket to the Southern California desert, her work creates a beckoning landscape…a place where pop-culture icons and images from an organic world seemingly get along together, though the space between them is filled with friction. Combining disparate elements in her work, both in use of imagery (such as wildlife and Victorian parlors) as well as technique (painted elements on digital work) Oksana has attracted attention from both the graphic art scene as well as admiration from high art academia.
Miles Thompson (Los Angeles) creates idealistic worlds reminiscent of the 50’s –60’s quest for exotica (such as the emergence of tiki bars) as well as the general public’s fascination with the bohemian world of jazz and beatniks. His work is evocative of artists such as Jim Flora, yet have an added modern lo fi pop quirkiness. His new series is focusing on the idea of the Calendar Girl pin up- still prevalent in our culture today. Miles’ retro environments create scenes that are technically exciting to look at as well as shamelessly fun.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Get Busy at the 562 1st ave. S building by the seahawks stadium for a ripping good time tonight. T-shirt designers from around the region will be on hand with the goods so bring your wallet to get kooky uncle ricky that Oly Bling grenade shirt he always needed. Starts around 9pm