Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cut Kulture Party wenesday June 1

The Cut Kulture United collective is hosting a party this wednesday at Trinity, a new club in Pioneer Square. It's gonna be FREE, and the dj's are spinning a blend of Dancehall, Baille Funk, Crunk, Grime, Lovers Rock, B'More Club etc. etc.
These parties are always a blast and everyone gets real.........Real on the dancefloor. For FREE
Dj's are Damion "Gunzilla" Hayes
and VSOP.

111 Yesler Way, Seattle Wa

Monday, May 30, 2005

Unearthing at SOIL

June 2nd – June 30th, 2005
Hours noon-5pm Thursday-Sunday
SOIL, 112 Third Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98104

ArtWalk Thursday, June 2nd, 2005, 6-9:30 pm
Opening reception Saturday, June 4, 7-10 pm (artists in attendance)

SOIL artists’ collective presents the work of its five newest members: Etsuko Ichikawa, Sean Johnson, Tuan Nguyen, Sara Osebold, and Mary Simpson in an exhibition of installation, sculpture, painting and works on paper.

Hailing from different backgrounds and locales, these artists come together to continue and enrich SOIL’s core mission of providing an independent, alternative, not-for-profit, artist-run gallery.

damn it was hot saturday

Saturday was a beautiful day to chill, drink beer and do some benching. Benching, for those that don't know is when you sit and watch the graff on trains roll by. You gotta catch some fliks or else how you gonna prove you were there. Well my bench session happened at the opening of "Slow Your Roll" at Sals Barbershop where they had all the proper elements in effect.
This show is a pretty fun concept that if given a decent amount of space could be great. There are some great pieces in this show with Iosefatu Sua taking the gold ring with his Sole Cafe resonating with the current weather. You should still check this show out, and hopefully it will get another chance with a bit more space.

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Zachar and Kenichi Yamaguchi at 35th ave Skateshop

So something I really love is how kids are getting exposed to art in some of the most unlikely places. A perfect example of this is the artwall at 35th North, a skateshop at the corner of 11th and Pike. They have been having shows of some of Seattles best Urban/Street artists over the past couple of years not only giving good exposure to the artists but helping educate a community that pretty much never goes to galleries or museums unless it's to skate the ledges there. The show they have up now is a Two man show with Zach Rockstead and Kenichi Yamaguchi. Zach is a notorious street artist that loves to crush but the boy has good skills that set him apart from the usual scratch tag mentality.

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Kenichi Yamaguchi is a trained industrial designer who has been making a name for himself for his Functional sculpture work but has recently been doing a good bit of design and painting. This series of paintings are pretty in sync with his design sensibilities and his love for vintage Nikes.

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

35th Ave North
1100 East Pike
Seattle, WA 98122

Friday, May 27, 2005

Up & The beginning at ArtWorks June 2

Cut Kulture United

Up & The Beginning

ArtWorks Gallery
1914 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 2nd 7-9pm
Show concludes: July 1, 2005

This June, photographer Elizabeth Ogle will exhibit a series of black and white cityscapes entitled "Up". Also in the Artworks gallery, local designers Miles and Fall Up band together for "The Beginning", a group of paintings illustrating the awesome power and influence of rock stars and ninjas.

GALLERY HOURS: Monday through Friday 10:30 - 5:30pm
PHONE: 206.292.4142

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Davis Limbach at HippoSchemes

I recently stepped through the doors of HippoSchemes , a tiny shop on 12th ave between Pike and Pine, to see what they had going on. They make clothes and bags out of old clothing, show art, and generally make you feel as though you are in the East Village. Seattle definately could use more spaces like this because it is pure inspiration to folks doing it on their own terms. The artist that they are currently showing in the shop is Davis Limbach who does characters he calls "Pudges" on found wood panels.

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

I enjoyed the work as well as the hospitality of the shop owners. One very cool element they are bringing to the art shows they have is something they call St. Sweepers. The artist goes around the neighborhood and mounts pieces to phonepoles to create a visual tour of sorts. Check out Hipposchemes to learn more and get a map of the current art tour.
1510 12th ave #2
Seattle Wa 98122

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sal's Barbershop and The War Room presents "SLOW YOUR ROLL"

Sal's Barbershop and The War Room presents "SLOW YOUR ROLL" an Art Exhibit and benefit featuring NW Artists.

Some of the Northwest's hottest artists personalize toy freights in your own back yard.
This Saturday May 28th, 2005
7pm - 10pm

Free invites at train show to the after-party at Yo Son! @ The War Room 10pm - 2am

Artists Include:

Andrew Pommier | Andrio Abero | Angry Woebots | BEANONE | Bwana Spoons | Cassie Wood | Chali 2Na (Jurrasic 5) | Four Color Kids | Iosefatu Sua | JILF | Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes | Martin Ontiveros | Pars Kid | Peek-A-Boo Monster | Sneke | Specs One | Wierdo

Part of proceeds go to a Sal's Barbershop SCCC Artist Grant and to "Free Mike"

art show at:
Sal's Barbershop
1520 E. Olive Way (cross at Denny Way)
Seattle, WA 98122
phone: 206-860-SALS

after party at:
The War Room
722 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122
phone: (206) 328-7666

10 Questions with Free Kindred

So I am starting a new feature here in the Art Stash called 10 Questions. We are going to ask artists we feel folks need to know a bit about some questions about thier work and maybe give people an idea of who they are. The first installment is with Stencil artist FREE KINDRED. Enjoy

10 Questions with Free Kindred

1.How did the name Free Kindred come about?

Unfortunate struggles to create and in case I ever get into trouble.

2.How long have you been in Seattle, where did you come from?

From So. Cal to Central Florida, I've been here almost three years.
Seattle has been my favorite by far.

Cut Kulture United

3.Stencil is an increasingly popular medium. How long have you been
cutting,How did you get introduced to it?

I really feel like I didn't have a choice. Coming from a design
background I always had deep apperciation for Vector based
art and stenciling was a smooth transition. Although I have only done
cutting for about a year I feel like I have been laying out pieces
forever. Stenciling pushes me off the computer.

4.What are your inspirations when you work?

Heavy daydreaming and long albums.

Cut Kulture United

5.Do you strictly work in stencils?

As of right now I'm only stenciling. It's all I want to do.

6.Do you do work in the streets? If so where?

A little, but now that spring is here... Hey Freemont.

7.Who is your favorite local artist?

That's a tough question...

Cut Kulture United

8.what type of paint do you use? favorite brand?

I don't have a favorite brand. I may have used every brand available
retail. Online bulk is making a lot of sense though.

9.Do you have any upcoming shows?

August at Vain Salon Gallery

Cut Kulture United

10. Shout outs???

First shout that comes to mind is the ART STASH

Thanks To Free Kindred for being the first in this lil thing and If you have a suggestion for the 10 Questions lemme know

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Angry Woebots at OKOK

Today I did my thing on the hill and dropped into one of the best stores in town. If you are into the whole artsy book/toy/tshirt thing you got to drop in. They have plenty of books I covet, one day I hope to own a couple. I was pretty pleased to see that the new show they have up is Angry Woebots a/k/a Aaron Martin doing his one man thing. This guy has been storming Seattle since he came to town a few months back from Hawaii. Don't ask me why he is here but he has definately been blessing the community with some of the meanest pandas this side of Ling Ling.
OKOK is located at 709 Broadway E. Seattle, yo. I'm not sure how long the show is up so try to peep it because these photos don't do it any justice.





Wheeled Sword Movie Premiere May 26th at Kincora Pub

Yeah the Seattle skate scene is out to Represent the creative side of things with this combo Artshow and Video premier. Art by Quincy Quigg, Mike Medeau, Lars Bergquist, NEWO, Angela Dawn, 2H, Sean Bishop, Cindy Apple, and Rob Ackerman. The Video is all about the NW bounty with footage of the last 7 days at the Ballard Bowl, a bit of convo with Pat Quarke and Peha. Footie from Sea Sk8, Bainbridge, Carnation, all that Oregon Ish, plus a ton more other spots. This is sure to be fun since it is at the Kincora < i get stupid the moment I step inside>. Corner of Belmont and Pine, May 26 at 9pm. Enjoy

Monday, May 23, 2005

Blackbook drawing session May 24

such short notice... drawing session if you can make it Tuesday at
SureShot on the ave and 45th at 5pm, be there or be square.

Brian Sendelbach at Olivo Doce June 3

Please join OlivoDoce for its first one man show. Brian Sendelbach's work as Smell of Steve has been widely embraced for it's edgy social commentary. Opening reception Friday June 3 @ 7pm.
Olivo Doce Artspace
1203 E. Olive Seattle Wa

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Segmented View of Graffiti, (Master)Pieces by Sam Sneke opens June 2

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture and Vain are pleased to present the work of Sam Sneke, A legend of Seattles Graffiti art and Hip Hop scene. Known around the world for his stylish,vibrant aerosol murals Sneke and his crew, DVS, are the creators of the most lively and aesthetically accomplished murals in the Pacific NW.
Exhibition: June 2- July 3 , 2005 at VAIN, 2018 1st ave
Opening reception: Thursday June 2. 5pm-9pm

Good Girls Gone Bad at Moksha June 3

Cut Kulture United

An all female art show including the art from many talented females including:
Sherm, Fem9, Vita Bella, Clementine, Angel 179, Liza Danger, KC Jones, Timoi, Robotic, Vera Grim, Beir, Mary Long, Michelle Yang, Venus....

Saturday, May 21, 2005

DVS brings the pain(t)

Seattle graffiti crew DVS recently went to the mat to protect the honor and reputation of the Emerald city. In a transglobal showdown with European Heavyweight champs EDK, DVS brought a steel cage mentality and came away with the belt.
click the image to see how it all went down

Nhon Nguyen in the Land of the Rising Sun

Seattle artist and recent transplant to Osaka Japan, Nhon Nguyen has recently joined with DigMeOut an arts collective that has created some of the most progressive exhibitions in Osaka. They are currently creating collaborative projects with artists and galleries in Australia, England, China, and the USA. I'm sure Nhon is gonna make a strong impact on the Japanese art market. Here is a photo of one of Nhons newest pieces.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Labor Lines Opening at Thread Shop

6:00 – 9:00 PM

THREAD SHOP is a retail store/exhibition space featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition art and everyday objects.

This quarter's installation, Labor Lines, features vignettes that reveal relationships between the artists' fine art and wares.

See -- and buy! -- lawnmower t-shirts & hybrid piñatas by Patrick Holderfield, yummy cupcakes & charcoal drawings by Elizabeth Jameson, and drawings and placemats made with hair by Lindsey Adelman.

A percentage of THREAD SHOP profits support the non-profit organization THREAD for ART.

Located in historic Ballard on Ballard Ave
5000 20th Ave NW --- Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 388-4616 --- threadshop@thread.net

Friday & Saturday 11-7
Sunday 11-5

Lori Earley June 3rd at Roq La Rue

lori earley

Roq La Rue Gallery
2316 2nd Avenue
Seattle WA 98121
Ph: (206) 374-8977

Thursday 1-6pm
Friday 1-7pm
Saturday 1-6 pm
Appointments available most anytime by calling (206) 374-8977

nice stencil on Summit

I saw this tasty lil' morsel on Summit by the starbucks. It's simplicity is what makes me like it.

Cut Kulture United

Love Killers at Vain

If you get the chance check out the incredible PeekaBoo Monster and OneSevenNine show at the Vain Salon Gallery.Photos are up on the Cut Kulture site.

Kevin Willis at No Space Gallery

This was my first time to go to No Space and I got to give them props on a great spot with no clique attitudes involved. Kevin Willis' paintings are great with a crazy photorealistic collage thing goin on. Check out this show.
No Space Gallery
534 Summit ave E
Seattle wa

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

Cut Kulture United

A known gallery artist has been gettin up around town with these very cool stickers. It's cool to see the influence street art is having on the "Established" contemporary arts scene in Seattle. Lets hope the big money galleries can learn a thing or two and start representing Local street/urban contemporary artists.

Welcome to Art Stash

Art Stash is my personal lil bit of goodness to let folks know whats up with the Street art/alternative art space world of Seattle.If you are interested in letting me know whats up just send me a email and I will do my best to add it in a timely manner.