Monday, February 27, 2006

Artshow at Vain on Friday

Cut Kulture United

obstinate cheekfuzz

Cut Kulture United
Stubborn Sideburn. does graphics that I really like. They got the funk.

Tugg My Chud

at Sweatshop Inc.
Cut Kulture United

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Le Merde is having an art opening at Schmancy Toy Store Friday March 3rd
from 6pm-9pm. The show runs March 3rd till March 31st.

2nd Ave

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cut Kulture United

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kirsten Andersen Lectures at Seattle Academy of Fine Art

This will be pretty cool, so check it out yo!!!!!

Pop Surrealism:
The Rise of Underground Art
Friday, February 24 at 7pm
at the Seattle Academy of Fine Art
1501 Tenth Ave E (N. Capitol Hill)

The Seattle Academy of Fine Art welcomes Roq la Rue Gallery owner Kirsten Anderson for a peek into the history, development and current state of the Pop Surrealism/Lowbrow art movement that started in the 1960s in Southern California and is now a worldwide phenomena.

Following her slide/lecture presentation, Anderson will also answer questions from the audience and sign copies of her book,Pop Surrealism (which will be available for purchase) after the lecture.

FREE/Public Welcome

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Man Jonah thinks the world is ready for Yuriko Miyamoto. Me too, Word!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Drop it like it's hot......

A couple hot Biscuits for all Y'all

Rash a new Documentary about the Melbourne Street art scene. Melbourne has recently undergone a zero tolerance policy for street art even going as far as planning raids on gallery openings.

Larry Clark has just released 2 new zines through Swiss outfit Nieves Books Published in occasion of the Exhibition by Larry Clark at Le Case D'Arte in Milan February 14th to April 4th, 2006. Speaking of Clark related: R.I.P. Harold Hunter

and you gotta Peep my man Tra Selhtrow keeping it business.

One Love

Monday, February 20, 2006

Le parkour is Fackin' amazing

also check this one

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I really like this

Cut Kulture United

Connor Harrington Is a new favorite of mine I hope y'all dig him like I do. He has a new show up at Stolen Space in London..... I guess if your are in the area check it out.

Friday, February 17, 2006

My guts twisted like a pretzel about this

why do people tag? Why do people even care

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sk8 to create......

Cut Kulture United

Hey folks , if you need to get your sk8 culture fix this weekend is gonna be bumping. On Friday Scott Yamamura's new video Word! will be premiering at the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer park. the show starts at 9pm and costs $5.
After all that heat you'll want to hit up 35th ave skateshop on the corner of 11th and Pike for the Seattle stop of the "No Comply" book and Art show on Saturday. Word is that all the local 'crete fiends will be in full effect so definately wear your spill proof dunks yo.....I heard talk of a keg.

You didn't think I wouldn't say something did ya

This past friday the show at Roq La Rue was incredible , If I don't say so myself. Now i do need to disclose to you fine people the fact that I was co-curator for said show but you don't have to take my word for it. read this great review courtesy of Seattlest a pretty thourough blog about all things Seattle. Here are some hot flix from the show:

Cut Kulture United
Props to anybody who can name all of these vato's

Cut Kulture United
Jason Sho Green

Cut Kulture United
Josh Howards Dolphin and Waffles, Chuurch!!!

Cut Kulture United
The Briefs Ran it into the Red, Can you Hear me now?

Cut Kulture United
Jilf, So juicy you need a wetnap to view

Cut Kulture United
Don't get it Twisted, Jesse Ledoux is ill.

Cut Kulture United
Sneke's hot Fyahh

Cut Kulture United
Art is something the whole family can share

Cut Kulture United
Poor cyclops kitty, Kipling West Understands

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Goods is proud to present the work of Seattle based
artist JILF. The show opens February 10, 2006 and
runs through March 3, 2006. The opening reception will
be held on Friday, February 10, 2006 from 6-9 pm. The
artist will be present.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

“Opening Party”

“Opening Party”

Friday, February 10, 2006, 7 – 10 pm

At Consolidated Works - 500 Boren Ave N, Seattle

One night only - a benefit for Artist Trust! Learn more at

$15 general admission, $10 for current Artist Trust members (Artist Trust memberships available at the door)

Tickets at or at the door

For this very special evening, Artist Trust transforms Consolidated Works into a palace of creativity – spotlighting talented performing artists of every stripe, in galleries hung with amazing contemporary works of visual art. Prepare for an unforgettable night of performance, with delicious hors d’oeuvres by Vios, no-host bar, and a sneak preview of the 200 visual artworks in the 2006 Artist Trust Art Auction (the Auction will be held on Sunday morning, February 12 - more information at

Music - Experimental visionaries Paul Rucker and Bill Horist, and Seattle’s indie songcrafters Sunmay, Central Services, and Sera Cahoone.
WHOLELOTTALOVE Literary Lounge - In this intimate program curated by Anna Maria Hong, local wordsmiths will celebrate the Valentine season, reading works on the theme of love. Featuring Rebecca Hoogs, Stacey Levine, Kevin Craft, Sasha Su-Ling Welland, Ann Pancake, Molly Tenenbaum, Jeannette Allée, David Massengill, and Rosalynn de Roos of the Artha Quartet.
Dance Stage - Our dance showcase, curated by Tim Summers, celebrates the vitality and diversity of our city’s dance community with works from the modern dance genre, as well a pieces influenced by classical Indian dance and hip-hop. Featuring The Maureen Whiting Company, d9 Dance Collective, Jessie Smith, Archana Kumar, Jaime Waliczek, and many more.
Overhead, you’ll see Doubles Trapeze performance by CurlyBurly and Aerial Dance by The Cabiri. Throughout the galleries, enjoy an interactive mix of Butoh installation by Helen Thorsen, and fashion performance art by Hipposchemes. And running continuously in the Cinema, an encore screening of the Artist Trust Reel Big Deal! Dozens of short films by local filmmakers, including works by Wes Kim, David Hanagan, Danielle Morgan, Matt Wilkins and dozens more.

Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to support individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Since its founding in 1986, Artist Trust has awarded over $2 million in direct grant support to outstanding Washington artists for specific projects and for creative development.

Faces Gallery


My name is Jim Wolfe. I am soon opening Faces Gallery in the upstairs of
the Alley Building on Capitol Hill (219 Broadway E.) Our opening reception
will be Saturday, Feb.25, between 2-10 pm and Sunday, Feb. 26th between 2-6

All the work is printed on canvas. I am a photographer and digital artist
who got into this work after being a music producer for many years (I owned
the old Music Source studio on Capitol Hill.). I became frustrated with the
photographers I was working with on CD cover design and the current work
grew from there. I have completed several hundred pieces, about 150 of
which are on display. In addition I do custom portraits and have a photo
studio in the loft of the gallery.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lemme see that laffy taffy......

Hye folks
Just got a postcard for the Blaine Fontana show at OKOK this Saturday Feb 11. Should be pretty cool, I dig dudes work . OkOk is located at 709 Broadway E. on Capital Hill.
On another topic Seattle Art Blog refferenced my post about
the show at Roq La Rue this friday. It's good to see some more voices coming out about the Seattle art community. Check it out

Monday, February 06, 2006

"Sweetest Taboo" at Roq La Rue 2/10

What up with this hot shot....
I am co-curating this show at Roq la Rue that opens friday

Roq La Rue Gallery 2312 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121 (206)374-8977
“Sweetest Taboo”
a group show of random naughtiness

opens Friday Feb 10th 6-10pm
runs through March 4th
musical guests “The Briefs”

"Sweetest Taboo" brings together some of the most exciting emerging artists from the Pop Surrealism and Urban Contemporary movements to express those things, (illicit or not) that society occasionally frowns on, but that always brings a smile to these artists faces. It could be a tough graffiti writers love for dolphins and rainbows, the pure joy of fresh wallride skuffs in no skate zones that fills a skateboarder’s heart, a painter’s fondness for disturbing genetic mutations, or simply a playfully naughty thing that one doesn't bring up in polite conversation.

Artists include:
Nhon Nguyen, George Estrada, Robert Hardgrave, Iosefatu Sua, Jilf, Jason Sho Green, Joshua Howard, Jesse Ledoux, Sam Sneke, Ray Noland, Kipling West, Chris Reccardi, Gabe Marquez, Amy Crehore, Mike Leavitt

Roq La Rue 2312 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121 (206)374-8977

Cut Kulture United
Amy Crehore

Cut Kulture United
nhon nguyen

Cut Kulture United
Chris Reccardi,

Cut Kulture United
Ray Noland

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Twisting waves

I finally got to see Wave Twisters.A video/animation collaboration between turntablist Q-bert and S.F. graffiti legend Dug1. This pretty trippy to say the least.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Art about love by over a dozen VAIN favorite artists and heartbreakers.

Opening reception this Thursday, February 2nd.
5 - 10pm, FREE.

With 70's love songs spun by DJ TEENAGE RAMPAGE, two floors of open artist studios, free makeup consultations for the ladies, and fizzy refreshments + love-themed treats for all valentines and art lovers in attendance.

Featured artists include:
Cara Lynn Kleid * Nolan Lee Hendrickson * Angela Dawn * Casey Michel *NEWO * Melodie J. Smith * R LAND * Douglas Paul Smith * Christy of -O-Design Studio * Elysha Rose Diaz * Christophe Roberts * Andy Thaemert * Joel Sanders * Plus Kat Hill and Juliana Bradley in artist studios above the VAIN gallery *

2018 1st Ave Seattle