Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Merry......

This season always makes me think of the julie andrews song"my favorite things". When I lived in atlanta I drove a laundry delivery truck for a very shortwhile. I would be on my rounds and at noon everyday the local college jazz station, WCLK I think, would play that song but totally jazzed out. Hot as hell Atlanta in sept.
well here are some favorite things. Youtube is my new google.

Espo yo........

mo' betta espo........

le parkour

natas, like whoa'

Kudu, my favorite new music.... I spend too much time at the gallery.

more kudu

boogaloo sam

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Super Bad......

photo: Diane Arbus
James Brown died today. Long Live James Brown!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's our lobster and mint icecream

I hope you guys have heard about the amazing artshow happening in NYC this weekend. The folks at Wooster Collective have organized a group showing of the worlds most notorious street artists in a cool, formerly abandoned but soon to be high end condos building in Manhattan. Being a gallerist gives a special insight into how exciting it must be to create a show on this scale with absolutely zero commercial pressures. Well here is a cool flickr pool about the show. One thought I had was ......could this be the end for street art in NYC? The powers that be always give you a last meal before they execute you.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Artshow at BLVD Tonight

BLVD Gallery presents
The Art Army Guerilla Crew
New sculpted Figurines by Mike Leavitt
Plus New Paintings By Kristian Olson,
Colin Johnson, and Chris Huth
December 8, 2006 - January 6 , 2007
Artist Reception Friday December 8 6pm - 10pm
BLVD Gallery 2316 2nd ave Seattle Wa 98121


Colin Johnson

BLVD Gallery is proud to present the latest installment in Michael Leavitts
Art Army® series, “The Guerilla Crew”. The Art Army® action figures are homages to the killer art and artists that rock our world. Instead of making boring normal art, Leavitt is paying tribute to great people and work. This is no customization hobby, and it also ain't some profound artistic statement. The one-off figures are each original, fully posable mini sculptures engineered for major articulation. They look like real toys, but no Art Army® figure is machine manufactured. These action figures don't fit in any molds. Each is sculpted from scratch as one artists' offering to an icon. The “Guerilla Crew” is Mikes tribute to the vibrant street/ urban art community featuring legends of graffiti, skateboarding, Hip Hop, and street fashion. For this show Mike has sculpted figurines of
Banksy, Twist, Seen, Tupac, Nigo, Basquiat, Lady Pink, ODB, Fafi, and more.

Kristian Olson
We are also proud to present new works from three very talented painters,
Kristian Olson (Los Angeles), Colin Johnson (Minnesota), and Chris Huth ( Denver/Seattle). All three of these artists have been getting attention individually for their unique approach to the craft of painting. Kristian Olson has developed a mixed media technique for his work. Combining elaborately designed digital artwork, giclée printing, and acrylic paint he creates otherworldly entities and structures that beg for exploration.
Colin Johnson utilizes an interesting combination of collage and more painterly techniques that transitions between otherworldly and folkart. Chris Huth brings a more street level approach to his work, having once been active in the graffiti world. He is now pushing towards a more refined look to his work leaving behind the ubiquitous drips and clouds that typify graffiti inspired artwork while retaining his strong graphic style.

Chris Huth