Sunday, October 30, 2005

I sold my soul and all i got was this headache

The reason I have been pretty sporadic with the posts is because I am currently co-curating a exhibition for red bull here in seattle. unfortunately it is not open to the public but i will be posting images from it as it gets together. here is one for starters
Cut Kulture United
my man sneke blessed this room with what the germans call Kunst.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

DAZ-I-KUE and HVW8 Painters NOVEMBER 19th at The Baltic Room

I am pretty stoked for this show. A few years back I had the pleasure to meet Daz-I-Kue, what a great guy and his music is a beautiful mix of classic soul jazz, 8-bit crunch, Jamaican soundclash, and african funk. Basically the sounds of the whole African diaspora rolled into one. Along with this we also get the amazing artists of HVW8. These guys basically kickstarted the whole Live painting thing that we are starting to see now a days in the hipper night clubs. Regardless if you like it or not these cats are a sight not to be missed. check this info yo:

SunTzu Sound presents
DAZ-I-KUE (Bugz in the Attic, UK)
plus HVW8 Painters (Murals Painted Live On Stage)
The Baltic Room1207 Pine St. 206.625.4444

|| DAZ-I-KUE, the Mad Genius behind the Bugz In The Attic sound,
returns to The Baltic Room |||

||| HVW8 Painters on tour to celebrate the release of their Ubiquity
Records "Music Is Art" Compilation |||

Daz-I-Kue is the unsung hero of the Bugz in the Attic crew, a
collective of producers, DJs and performers at the forefront of the
international Broken Beat scene. Daz shapes the Bugz patented
electro-funk sound from the BitaSuite studio in West London. His
remixes and productions for such premier artists as Basement Jaxx,
Macy Grey, Fela Kuti, Masters at Work, Naked Music, and Jazzanova
have take over dancefloors worldwide. Fresh from the success of the
Radio1 hit song 'Booty-La-La', Daz has completed the Bugz in the
Attic debut album due out in early 2006. Please welcome Daz-I-Kue
back to The Baltic Room.

HVW8 Art Installation is Gene Pendon, Tyler Gibney and Dan Buller.
Born in Montreal in 1998 and operating now two cities, the HVW8
collective are best known for creating art pieces at music events,
galleries and unique spaces and have been touring their ‘Political
Minded’ exhibit to major cities across the US for the past year.
Since their debut performances at the 1999 International Jazz
Festival of Montreal, the art trio have toured and exhibited
throughout Canada, the United States, England, Puerto Rico and Japan
creating live art pieces along side musicians and DJs such as
Jazzanova, Afrika Bambaataa, Gilles Peterson, Bugz in the Attic, The
Herbaliser, Roots Manuva, Osunlade and Kid Koala.

Music Is My Art is an album of next level electronic, soul and hip
hop from around the world. Most of the tracks that appear on Music Is
My Art were recorded exclusively for this release and capture the
cross-section of worldwide talent that work closely with the
collective. On Music Is My Art full spectrum sonics from established
faves like Plantlife, Seiji (Bugz in the Attic) and Osunlade sit next
to up n’comers like John Arnold, DJ Language, Rich Medina, and new
head-turning tracks from the likes of Black Spade, Radio City and
Owusu and Hannibal. It’s raw hip hop, rough broken beat, left field
soul, future funk, and house that works together and typifies the
kinds of sounds you’d hear at a HVW8 curated event. This stop marks
the first time HVW8 has performed in a Seattle club in over 4 years.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

24 Hour Party People

My man Farmer Bob has posted some great flix of the Painting Marathon over at COCA this past weekend. Go check them out over at ArtDorks

Monday, October 24, 2005

more corporate subsidies

Here's a cool article about Murakami handling Nissans new ad campaign. I am a fan of artist driven marketing, At least this is a way for artists to make some money. Hell the government aint helping.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

fight the cat

CatFight is an awesome PDF magazine filled with all Girl graffiti action.They have 3 issues so far and are reportedly getting busy on....... #3??? I dont know about the number system they are using but I sure do dig what I see so far.

Kyle Wendt at OKOK October 21

OKOK presents new works by Seattle artist Kyle Wendt from October 21st to November 16th. Kyle is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts. Kyle's work can be described as a sort of comic cosmology that celebrates alchemy, innocence and chaos. Over the past couple years Kyle has worked on creating numerous chapters in one continuous visual narrative. This narrative has been broken up into zines, most notably The Book of Night. Inhabited by robed dollheads, land salmon, and mysterious fauna, Kyle creates a perilous world that begs to be explored.
OKOK is located at:
709 Broadway East

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

program #674-555

Flix from the Josh Howard show at Invisible NYC

Monday, October 17, 2005


Cut Kulture United

Nobodys is a documentary focused around what personally drives four different graffiti/street artists to create the public work they install illegaly, and what they hope to accomplish by producing it. Featuring MERZ (Autograf, Graffiti World), WHEN (Scribble, Juxtapoz), DARIUS JONES (Public Discourse, Wooster Collective), and FIVE (Scribble, While You Were Sleeping), along with appearances by others such as WOOSH and BUDDY LEMBEK, Nobodys gives the viewer a look into a more personal side of the graffiti world than most recent graffiti films with its more insightful interviews, great images, and street bombing footage. Shot between 1996 and 2005, Nobodys is a graffiti documentary that will please audiences that range from seasoned graffiti writers to open-minded individuals who know little to nothing of graffiti culture. Check the Trailer for more info.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Robot's don't die in Airports.

My man Michito is rocking this night at lofi performance space
Cut Kulture United
I made the art for this flyer. Yeah, I gots skills.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Worthless Art

"Stash friend Tra Selhtrow has a spotlight on IllustrationMundo. Way to go Tra.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I just scoped this awesome Public Service Announcement from the Barnstormers via our good friends at Wooster

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blast from the Past

Cut Kulture United
Joshua Abram Howard 2005
If you happen to be in NYC this friday check out Seattle native and one of the O.G. local "street" artists "ABRAMS" solo show at INVISIBLE NYC. Dig this:

Joshua Abram Howard "Novelties"
October 14th - November 19th 2005.
Artist Reception: October 14th, 7-10pm
Invisible NYC
148 Orchard Street,
New York. NY 10002

Josh was in the second show Cut Kulture ever did in 1999. He still has a mural that is running in the bus corridor heading south. His is the one that is red,black, and white with the hand drawn portraits. He used to do alot of images like that, posting them around town back in the mid-nineties. Word!!! Good Luck with that Josh.

Clean Fresh New

This weekend is going to be another crazy one, what with a show at Roq La Rue, Schmancy, and another at OlivoDoce Gallery up on Capitol Hill all happening this Friday and that Stranger thing at the SAM on Saturday Seattle is starting tolook exciting again. Here is the info for the show at OlivoDoce:

OlivoDoce Artspace Presents: Versus by Artists Zeta Brown and Drewad Opening October 14th 2005

Drewad, using skateboards in a completely groundbreaking and unconventional manner, constructs compositions with cut shapes and shadows, producing arsenic and atmospheric reliefs inspired by urban artforms and design. Trying to break the monotony of printed poster art and design, Zeta Brown mixes uncommon techniques with an unruly chicano flavor to bring back the more neglected aspects of artistic screen printing and poster art. Also on display are new paintings and sculptures by Zeta Brown.
Having worked together for the past four years, their collective “The Yard” has put on past shows such as “Shirt Wars,” as well as participated in Cut Kulture’s defining shows “Beyond Fresh,” “Blowin’ up the Spot,” and “Boombox.” As a two man show for this team has been inevitable for years, OlivoDoce is proud to present their latest efforts. On display are the relics of cultures which are to us both familiar and periferal. They have been imagined, created, and deconstructed in a fluid voice of timely creativity.
OlivoDoce Art Space • 1203 East Olive • Seattle • One block North of Pine •


Cut Kulture United

Art Stash Homie FixelPlix has been asked to contribute to the Munny Show sponsored by Kid Robot. HERE are some images of the final product for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Before I forget

This Friday you better go check out my homegirl Jamie Jester's show at Schmancy. It is from 6p-9p.
Jamie does some real cool, funky paintings and prints of a lil' gang of characters.
Schmancy is at 1930 2nd Ave.

Special opening at Roq La Rue

So, as has been stated in the 'Stash before Roq La Rue is moving to a far more exotic and exciting locale, right next door to their current location. Well, this Friday Kirsten and the gang are having a grand opening celebration and annual Halloween show. Here's the skinny:

Roq La Rue Gallery
“Bad Moon Rising”
a Halloween themed group show

opening Friday Oct 14th 6-10pm
at 2312 2nd Ave (right next door to the old space)

Artists: Ojimbo, Jim Blanchard, Lisa Petrucci, Pooch, Mike Leavitt,
Mike Curato, James McLeod, Travis Louie, Ryan Bubnis, Joshua Petker,
Brian Despain, Anthony Ausgang, Johnny Crap, Nicole Steen, Yo Ueno, Joe
Vollan, Amanda Wachob, Jason D’Aquino, David Rauschenberg, Chuck
Demorat, Justin Hampton, Quintin Gonzales, Marion Peck, Luke Chueh,
Marion Peck

We are thrilled that our inaugural show in our fancy new space will be
our annual Halloween themed exhibit, this year’s “Bad Moon Rising”
show. We will be exhibiting work by artists from all over the country
as well as overseas. The work, while dealing with dark themes, ranges
wildly from the dark, futuristic digital portraits by Quintin Gonzales
to the more playful cartoony paintings of Pooch. We are excited by the
return of gallery artists such as Lisa Petrucci, Jim Blanchard, and
Mike Leavitt as well as works by new artists to the gallery such as
tattooist and painter James McLeod, Japanese Pop Surrealist Yo Ueno,
and Lowbrow wood carver Ojimbo.

For the opening we will also have hearses from Rain City Hearse Club,
monster film clips courtesy Something Weird Video, refreshing liquids
and hideous candy, and live goth swamp-garage rock by ROT13!


I personally cannot stand FLASH websites. They annoy me with the stupid loading graphics and how it takes forever to navigate them to what you want to see. But recently I have been digging the hell out of FLASH movies and Lodger is a site with some of the best. You may have already seen this but it's new to me.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Cut Kulture United
The cast of characters

I love October. It always seems the Art community really comes alive in the Fall. This past weekend was full of madness starting thursday for, of course, First Thursday. I checked out the fresh Stencil show at Vain featuring work by NEWO and Free Kindred. I then made my way down to Howard House to check out the porcelains by Yuki Nakamura. I felt like a brute when I saw her work, so fragile as they say in Italy. I ended the night at the Studio 562 for an Indy design T-shirt Bazarre with representation by Manik, Kenichi Yamaguchi, and my personal favorite local tshirt madman, D4 who, you may remember I did a lil interview with a while back as a member of local tshirt consortium "The Yard". This was good bit of fun and if i get word about the next one I will definately spread it. Friday I made it up to the U.D. to peep the Sole/Boohi show at Moksha. I particularly was coveting this woodburned etching by Boohi, it's Hottt!!! After that I made my way to the Farewell Seattle show for JILF at IKON Ink. JILF is an artist that has unfortunately not shown up in the 'Stash before but definately had my head reeling this night. Of course He is splitting out to Minneapolis to explore the gallery scene in the Midwest and strike it rich. This show was just a way for him to liquidate some work before the move. He told me that what does not sell will stay at Ikon and remain for sale.If you are interested in any of his work please contact Ikon Ink for an appointment. Saturday I thought I would rest but ended up spinning records all night at Trinity.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Neon Life at Artworks

Cut Kulture United

MY NEON LIFE - Works by Graphic Designer Devon Varmega A.K.A. "Hair Party" opens Friday ,10/7, at Artworks
1914 4th Avenue, Seattle
music by Mikaela's fiend ,Chromatics, Catbees
show opens at 6:30, music starts at 8pm

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Daisy-head Mayzie

I can't decide if this is for real, or just a funky bit of art. Anybody Know?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Decibel Fest.

photos from the recent Decibel Electronic Music Festival taken by Jerry Abstract.

Once Were Warriors

Sole and Boohi (aka Iosefatu Sua and Darvin Vida) are going to be showing new works over at Moksha witha reception happening Friday Oct.7 8p-10p.

Cut Kulture United

Moksha is located at 4542 University Way

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sam Sneke at Sal's

Some flix of the work by Sam Sneke on display at Sals Barbershop.

Cut Kulture United
Cut Kulture United
Cut Kulture United

Sneke is busting a new Direction in this show and is coming up in hella different spots including an Installation piece for the Threadshop 1 yr. anniversary in November. A savvy collector would take note.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


A couple flix I have recently caught. If ya don't Know now you know

Cut Kulture United
Get better soon

Cut Kulture United
2 Legit 2 Quit